What to do with a web development intern who doesn't understand the concept of git even after 3 weeks of joining?
PS: Can't fire her

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    Use Dropbox and version numbers.

    I find myself really funny ;)
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    Why can't she understand it? Maybe there is another way to explain it to her.
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    @code-god @Jumpshot44 Some people think differently. And it could help to explain it in a different way.

    If all fails you could try making a cheat sheet and invest an hour in walking trough each step. A little investment now could save you from weeks of irritation.
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    What does she not understand?
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    Why can't you fire her?
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    @craig939393 Relative of my boss's friend...
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    @reduxtris How git works, git workflow, when to use what command etc
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    Provide working examples not using Git, and the same example with Git?
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    Why not use an IDE that has proper git integration?
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    Reading the Git documentation drove me insane. I read the GitHub guides since that's what I'm gonna be using. It explained to me the lighter concept in which I was able to grasp easily. I'll come back from time to time to the Git documentation along the way. Which part was she not getting?
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    I found git gui useful when i first learned. Let deeper understanding come after practical if possible.

    Does she know she cant be fired? I've met many people who are too bullet proof to care.
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    When I first started using git a colleague explained that it is like you use svn or tfs but with a big difference in that your svn or tfs server is both local and remote instead of just a remote repo. This was already enough (for me) to understand the workflow.

    I would also advise to use a commandline git client so that you get a better understanding of what actually happens under the hood. And to be honest: how many different commands do you use in daily work?

    Start new work:
    Git checkout master
    Git pull
    Git checkout -b my-branch-name

    During work:
    Git commit -a -m "my commit message"

    Push it to remote (first time)
    Git push --set-upstream origin my-branch-name

    Push later commits:
    Git push

    And finally before deploying to production:
    Git pull
    Git merge origin/master

    How hard can it be? Maybe make her an instruction manual with the required steps.
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    @plumbus Don't know whether she knows she can't be fired...
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    Make the intern disappear.
    (jk but force the intern to learn it)
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    Have mercy man. I don't mean to sound like a dick, but it sounds like you might need to work on your communication with her.

    You work closely with her, at least close enough to post about her on dev rant. If you haven't been able to explain to her that she needs to work on learning git yet; then perhaps try doing so. From what you posted, it's not like she is refusing to learn git. I'm assuming that she might be focusing on everything else that could be new and confusing to an intern.

    Really though, you should either figure out how to tell her kindly what to focus on, or talk to your manager about having someone else work with her to bring her up to speed.
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    Give some time to the poor intern. I know a lot of Sr guys that still don't know how to use git or any versioning tool properly.
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    Give her the book

    Git for Humans

    It's cool in explaining the usefulness and effectiveness of source control.

    I'd also suggest reading the book to see how the author approaches explaining technical tools and necessities to the readers.
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    Install visual studio code, and the show her how to type a commit message and press a checkmark.

    And then select sync.

    Thats how I start off interns on day 1.

    3 steps that can really not be screwed up.
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    God forbid an intern, who's only been in the job for 3 weeks, doesn't understand a complex version control system like git.

    Stop being a dick and find a way to help. That's your job. You were like that one day.

    "P.S. Can't fire her" my ass
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