I have a colleague that prefers to develop (web) with only one monitor, either just the laptop or a mirrored secondary.

Like a psychopath

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    … on 4:3 screen
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    How about this, and hear me out, two separate laptops at the same time?
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    I mean, does it really matter? If you have 1 screen, you alt+tab and reload, if you have 2 screens, you still have to move your mouse and reload. Sure, if you have hot reload, it is better, but outside of CSS, I don't think second monitor is really useful.
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    multiple virtual desktops and multiple virtual workspaces 8-) screens are for pussies
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    @lamka02sk Most people probably prefer just looking to the side instead of Alt-Tabbing all the time if they want to take a quick look at the current state. Or want to use documentation while coding without doing brain exercises.

    In many situations you can get away with just one window on the screen, but often it's just cumbersome.
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    I cannot work with multiple monitors.

    I find it distracting and cumbersome.

    10 year old plus 1920 x 1080 IPS display at home, 24 inch.

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    I’m willing to bet they also take longer than others and criticism towards their UI is always responded with “it looked good on my screen”.
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    @rantsauce that's how I roll, man!
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    Plot twist: He also tests all pages in Lynx and NVDA.
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    I prefer two or three monitors.

    I usually keep the page on one and either the source or developer tools on the other.

    If doing backend I might have the debugger or database on one screen.

    Or two source code screens if comparing things.

    Or I might have documentation or api definition on one of them.

    It all depends on what i need

    What i never have open when coding is email :)
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    I like it too .. If i can work from home and lie on the couch while I work :)
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    @AtuM Most people are able to turn their eyes, even when their neck is stuck for whatever reason.
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    call me a psychopath then.

    One laptop,
    15 inch builtin display,
    1600x900 resolution.
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    I prefer my single 1440p monitor at home to my dual 1920×1200 monitors at the office. 🤷‍♂️

    I don't even bother using the laptops built in screen when at home.
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    controversial but hear me out.

    One 4k 27" display and confy tilting enviroment in linux to be able to switch from workspace to workspace. I am in 80% split to two windows.

    I DO not want additional screen.
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