First of all, I hate crammers so much. These people kill the industry without even understanding it. They turned interviews into exams, missed the point of hiring, and saw no distinction between knowledge and information all the time. They don't understand that if you can google an answer in five seconds, it's not knowledge. It's information.

They don't understand that questions like 'what will Python do if you delete an item from a dict while iterating over it' are complete nonsense. They don't understand that it's not 'dig deep'; it's just a bad practice that leads to errors, thus must be avoided. The fact of remembering 'RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration' means that you haven't been avoiding it enough.

One more example. Which signature is correct?
- ApplicationListener<ContextRefreshedEvent>
- ApplicationListener<ContextRefreshEvent>
- ApplicationListener<RefreshedEvent>
- ApplicationListener<RefreshEvent>

Second. What's the point of forcing you to write compilable code in google docs? Do they really expect that one could possibly remember 'import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired;'? Seriously?

Third. Why do they expect me to know Spark, Java, J2EE, Spring Boot, Python, Kafka, Postgres, React/Redux, TypeScript, and work for miserable 70K EUR?

What's wrong with the European IT job market? Are they fucking nuts?

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    Australia. Same shitshow.
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    70k isn’t miserable, by itself it’s a great salary but yeah not enough for someone with many years of experience in all those things
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    @TeachMeCode Maybe you are right. The trick is, I now have 35K EUR __after__ taxes working remotely from Dublin for a Russian company. I didn't expect I could earn less than that in Europe. This thought just kills me.
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    @NoMad Everywhere. Same shitshow. Not my company, though. They are reasonable people.
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    Please, give me 70k euro. šŸ˜
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    @Cyanide ssh. It's okay. You can speak freely. You are among friends.
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    Reject cold interviews, embrace networking
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    Why don't you know everything? You should know everything. Sorry to say but I wouldn't hire someone that can't go through my trivia.

    In a way, it's a favor so you don't have to work with them.
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    @l00tbox it's because our world wrongly understands "objective interviews". It's much easier to say that candidate didn't know correct answer rather than spending quality time and assessing ones deep knowledge. The latter is "judgment" which is less objective than A,B,C,D type question.

    What is more, the more such people enters this industry, the more they will favour weak candidates, because they won't be able to distinguish good from bad.

    Since software engineering gained so much popularity (plus attractive salaries) so many impostors joined that now it is merely possible to win against them.

    Maybe in big companies, which can afford hiring best talents.

    But all the other small-and-mid companies I guess are sentenced too poor engineers and poor Engineering managers.
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