Two types of men in this world
The ones admitting to themselves they need a tomboy gf and the ones lying to themselves

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    okay, but aren't tomboys just men in a woman's body? Most of the tomboys i knew as a kid are transitioned trans men now as an adult.
    So you could just skip that step and out yourself as a brogrammer seeking to be spooned at a romantic pair programming session by his brogramming bro? 😊
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    And then there is you, who is gay as fuck.
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    @heyheni Tomboy and transmen are way different. You wouldn't understand 😪
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    @Floydimus Hey, let me be as gay as I want on my own terms
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    I don't _need_ a tomboy, but I do like tomboys.
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    Yeah, no, fuck that idea.
    I like my girls untomboyish
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    @12bitfloat sure but then stop calling others as liars.
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    Cortana on windows is your tomboy gf
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    I miss my tomboy lady friend...
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    For most, the actual solution is to be in a relation with more than one person.
    Despite the rumors, humans are able to relate to more than one person - and you aren't actually required to fuck all of them...
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    I would not mind getting any girlfriend for starters for now. I have zero experience with this technology. Probably should look for some book (is there one from O'really?) and tutorials.
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    @Oktokolo "and you arent required to fuck them all."

    You mean I've been doing it all wrong this entire time?

    But how will I keep my manwhore card now?

    They have monthly minimums, just like banks.

    Gotta keep that social credit score up!
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    @darkwind "Models" by Mark Manson.

    Then just wear your hat sideways like a common fuckboy. Ladies will be dripping rivers to jump your bones.

    Insert "I guarantee it" meme here.
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    @Wisecrack yay, there is guide. Quite convenient, thanks.
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    @Oktokolo I agree with you.
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    I would write this in a bit different way...

    Tomboy has several meanings, one of them is "a girl who acts like a boy"

    I think the term is pretty old...

    I'd rather rewrite it to: a girl with self-confidence who does not define her identity based on social norms.

    And I really like any person who behaves like that - whatever gender they have, cause they have an identity and talking to them is joyful... Talking to a person without an identity is ... Painful. Very painful.
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    In the "which platform is better"-battles I suppose this one might be one on the scoreboard for StackOverflow.
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    @IntrusionCM second one is not a tomboy.
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