LinkedIn Feed is a depressive place.

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    I’d take depressing over how political it got there. I had to block more connections than I was comfortable with. Who knew so many people were batshit crazy and willing to put it in a professional forum. I suppose I should thank them for alerting me, while also terrifying me.
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    @rutee07 Seriously man! The fuck are they feeling high for?
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    @Floydimus Okay, that was a shit show 😷
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    @Cyanide LinkedIn is just a professional version of Instagram.

    Faggots seeking attention and validation, without that their life is shallow and purposeless.
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    Have you tried shlinkedin?
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    block Linkedin on DNS level
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    LinkedIn AKA “The Virtue Signaling Olympics”
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    "This CEO took a pay cut so his staff could..."

    "She didn't think she'd fit in at the new office because of her fucking wonky head..."

    "I'm often asked what qualities a leader needs..."

    Bollocks McTwatface (prick/fuckwit)
    Thought leader, Changemaker

    Yeah, I hate LinkedIn too
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    @MM83 instead of “I’m often asked what qualities a leader needs”


    “I’m often asked”

    Cause 90% of the times it’s an hr or a recruiter writing bs, nobody ask them what a good <role> is, as we know way better than them
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    just a complete shitshow of self promotion - producing no value at all :/

    I just open it from time to time to see who I ghosted.
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    @rEaL-jAsE That's a genius idea. Get a twitter bot net, hype the shit out of basic bitch accounts and then watch the show when you unfollow on all bots
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    @rutee07 in a certain sense most of ITC work that way: I’ve seen a lot of programmers adding a language/technology on their CV (and maybe a damn sticker on their laptop) just because they copy-pasted some basic samples
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    @Linux I thought it was a joke but searched for it anyway. Hilarious stuff!
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