Did an interview this morning. Candidate had JavaScript on their resume but was mostly backend. Called themselves "senior" after 3.5 years of doing CMS upgrades and no coding.

Since JavaScript was on the resume I asked "what is the difference between == and === in JavaScript?" candidate completely failed.

Please offshore devs, don't put tech on your resume if you can't answer the most basic of questions. Don't call yourself senior when you've never even coded anything from scratch yourself.

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    There's a difference between being a Sr dev and knowing a language.

    But that question was pretty basic...
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    == compare
    === compare some more


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    === compare

    == compare with some undefined behaviour

    I think the second one casts the values to the same type or some shit like that, and combined with the usual JS comparison clusterfuck it's mostly a source of bugs.
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    I pretty much always use === in javascript
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    @deadlyRants The behaviour of == in javascript is well defined, the only problem is that the definition is fucking retarded.
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    Senior WordPress Elementor DragNDrop dev :D
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    Was he still able to answer your other questions? Maybe he hasn’t done much javascript but knows enough to do a few things with it. Now if he put “senior front end developer with 5 years experience” as his title that would be a little weird...
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    My favourite thing to ask js devs is why [] == "0" is different from [] == []

    I've never had anyone answer it off the bat. The best answer I've gotten is that they don't know and that's why they don't use that operator.
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    @C0D4 totally
    Compare and compare more precisely is how I learned them :D
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    you == "senior" // true
    you === "senior" // false
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    I'm sorry, but seeing as job ads looking for beginners expect on average 5 years industry experience I cannot take the labeling seriously. My previous workplaces are displayed in the CV, my skills are visible on Github.
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    I typically include a tool in my CV if I worked for 2-3 months with it, because that's what everyone else does and doing otherwise would put me at a disadvantage. The entire system is geared for lying and only employers can change it by specifying a transparent requirement system written by people who know what they're writing.
    And no, an unstructured list of very specific soft requirements can't be considered a requirement system because they don't tell me whether I should apply.
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    Ohm.. What if I have ONLY coded from scratch? :D
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    @molaram I mean let's be fair here, basically no other relevant language has this utterly stupid === and == operator difference. Not only because it's horrible language design and provoking weird bugs. But what do I expect from a language that has not one but *two* fucking "null" states.

    I also don't precisely know the difference because I don't ever need to. Nobody uses == intentionally. I have many more important implementation details to worry about.

    Imho such questions don't necessarily say much by themselves. I can't tell you with certainty whether some language has the += operator or not, because it varies from one language to the next and if it's not supported the compiler will tell me anyway.
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    My rule of thumb in an interview, when someone mentions a tech I've put in my CV is to say as soon as possible for what it has been used and in what measure have i been working with it.

    Have i only used a subset of its features? Say so.

    Have i only helped with some configurations on it? Mention it.

    This way I make sure to have my back covered when the question will come by 1. being hones and 2. properly setting their expectations.
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    === compare

    == headache generator
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    @TeachMeCode No, she didn't know anything. Finally got out of her that she only did upgrades and very tiny code fixes.
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    @deadlyRants That was only the beginning. I've interviewed 7+ devs who can't write Fizz Buzz. One pretended she couldn't hear us because she didn't know the answers. Others just BS with long replies that make zero sense. They aren't developers, they're little code monkeys that make tiny changes or do upgrades.
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    @rados Pretty much. Different CMS but yup.
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    I have denied every job related to the front-end. Just thinking about it gives me anxiety ☠️
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