Parents: When your child spends a lot of time with the PC and doesn't want to interact with you, you have some reflection to do before you turn off the internet and nag them for things all day. Chances are, they don't like being with you but don't want to say it, either, because of the kind of things they know you will say and think if they do it.

And for the love of everything that is holy, do NOT turn the internet off! That pisses them off even more!

Maybe I'd have told you how much I hate being forced to be with you if it didn't mean I'd get guilt tripped about it.

Being around the people who pretend that you are a fucking machine that only needs material things in life and does not at all need emotional support at least in the early parts of your life and deflecting every legit argument for the things you stand for with "Muh Feelingz" makes them seem even more pathetic than they are. They manage to be an inspiration to everyone who doesn't know them, yet fail to be the persons their children have any respect for.

It's as if children never imitate their surroundings at all...

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    Well atleast you aren't alone .... happens with me all day everyday
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    Where's the dev part of this Rant? Please tell this to your parents or to a specialized physician... Thank you
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    Hey I really get this. My parents are/were the same - material goods in place of emotional affection. They would turn the wifi off at night (mind you, I was 20yo and they were doing that), and it would absolutely make things worse. My dad once trashed a laptop that I bought with my own money because I played video games (yet playing games was my one solace outside of studying).
    You are not alone! There are people who understand. ❤
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    @mmcorreia not cool man, I get it it's not a dev rant but well this is the place where we all really connect to each other and maybe for some this is the only place, like me for example
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    @BlueNutterFly i feel ya, i was raised in a home where they firmly believed thay, if you would play nintendo for more then one hour straight, my brains would explode...
    It was 1999 , had to do my high school thesis, everyone had computers with a Pentium2 processor, riva tnt gpu or even the first nvidia cards.. Capable playing the first half-life game...

    I had to do my thesis on an IBM ps2 286! Yes a 286!!! With the amazing capabilities of a 20mb hdd, yes you read that right, megabytes! Also 1 megabyte of ram... Over 4 slots of 256kbyte each dimm...

    Now i make my living out of computers...and everytime they fuck up their computer... I point them out that their brains must have exploded from playing too much facebook and ask them 50€ for the fixing... And a decent meal...
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    The only thing this has to do with development is because of these things I'm finding myself unable to enjoy or do anything dev-related :(
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    I was super into video games as a kid. Still am. Spent a lot of time in front of a screen. Nothing against my parents, they're fantastic. My dad still plays video games.

    The important thing for me was that we played games together a lot. If not together, then at least in the same room. And we built PCs together too.

    If I ever become a parent, that's what I want to do. Whatever my kid is interested in, be involved.
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