Dev: So we’ve been working on X for about 2 weeks now, it’s about halfway do—

Manager: Btw what is the status of X?

Dev: I was just telling you

Manager: Oh, I wasn’t listening.

Dev: …

Dev: So as I was saying, we’re ab—

Manager: Oh and where are we at with Y?

Dev: …

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    This sounds like a perfect example of “This meeting should have been an email” if for no other reason than it’s impossible to interrupt someone in an email. 😄
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    @AmyShackles Outlook's new feature: Live Emails!

    Just like chatting but every reply erases your text field
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    There are pros and cons to every method of communication and I would assume experience tells you when to use what (I'm a somewhat fresh graduate still learning email kung-fu)
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    @alexbrooklyn this is the most evil thing I’ve read on my life
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    I imagine the conversation went on like this:

    Dev: With Y we are at…

    Manager: You still didn’t tell me about X. What is your problem?

    And then it goes on in a circle.
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    Or how about chat but you can't type, just pick from multiple choice options pre-provided by the manager.

    Completely eliminates office conflict! Reduces noise in meetings!


    "Hey, I wanted to check whether you still think the requirements for feature X are insufficient?"

    You, pick 1 out of 3:

    [No, I've re-read your excellent mail, and no further refinement is needed. It's all so clear now, I was just not thinking out of the box, like you! Thanks manager, you're the best!]

    [I've collaborated with my team, and we are headed for success! Thanks manager, for creating alignment!]

    [I believe in ownership and responsibility. I do not understand everything yet, but will work through the weekend to get this done! Thanks manager, for motivating me!]
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    Better way to handle such people, i mailed you yesterday, you can find my detailed reply there. The detailed reply would be "going good".
    Just mail them all the status updates. Let them crawl through all the junk in their mailbox everyday for silly status updates.
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    @annapurna Managers POV:

    - Can hear myself talk
    - Can spend more working hours on this
    - Devs take longer so I can make even more meetings asking them on their progress for same features
    - I seem way more productive than the devs

    Mails, Chat, or anything non voice:
    - None of the above, so clearly inferiour
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    @bittersweet I want that just to see everything go to shit
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    What I love about online meetings is that your can record them. This sounds like a pattern can always record it. Than when you define the next meetings and get shit eventually from higher ups just show the vid.
    Respected circle jerking is a valid reason to stop communications for they already have.
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    ADHD is real man!
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