Manager: You know you really shouldn’t pay off your mortgage faster than you absolutely have to. It’s the cheapest money you’ll ever get!

Dev: I’d rather work towards being debt free. Besides my RRSP (401k) is already maxed out

Manager: RRSPs are a scam! TFSAs (Roth IRAs) are way better

Dev: My TFSA is maxed out too

Manager: 😡 You still shouldn’t pay off your mortgage!

Dev: …

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    My inner "Dave Ramsey" just threw up a little bit.

    Lemme guess, he likes time shares (owns multiple), has 4 maxed-out credit cards, drives a $100K leased vehicle, and complains every day "I don't understand why I'm broke."
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    once had this car guy tell me i should take a higher interest rate on a loan to invest the whole TWO-THOUSAND dollars down payment into something that returned jack shit. dude, simple math, that extra fewer % on the 20k+ loan is not gona be made up by the lower % investment return of a whole 2k
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    Can't flim-flam a zimm-zamm!

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    Sounds like there's a reason he's not in financial advice.
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    Don't understand anything of the letter bingo but in my country he is not wrong. Interest rates are below inflation.
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    @hjk101 For that to make sense, the manager would have to raise the employee's salary at above the interest rate. Guess who won't agree.
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    I once had a sales manager tell me that he loves it when his staff lives extravagantly above their means, have second lives outside of marriage with kids, don’t save, etc. He said it kept them hungry. An employee with no debt and exceptional savings is a threat to management’s authority. The noose is difficult to tighten around your neck. Also, excellent job saving and managing your money!!!
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    The us credit score is made for people falling in debt, not to measure how to identify people who pay off loans.
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    @fiftyhz Ah yes, a self-conscious capitalist. I'm unsure whether I hate them more than unconscious ones because they're more harmful but also a better demonstration of why unions are an integral part of functioning capitalism.
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    @fiftyhz I love to fuck with managers like these.

    I have gone out of my way to identify who's in their core network outside of work and reach out to them for open positions. I don't reach out to one though, I reach out to 3-5 of them.

    I know they'll talk back to them, I want them to know that I have no problems walking out the door and leaving them holding the wet paper sack that they call a product.

    It also drives a wedge into their core network because they'll always be thinking, "is there a chance that my good buddy is going to *actually* steal my talent?", because there's no honor among thieves. Then they start to mistrust them, and eventually isolate themselves.

    Yeah, I'm probably a bit psycho but honestly managers like this deserve it.
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    @sariel Gotta fight fire with 🔥 I guess
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    @zlice some people cannot math...
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    @sariel ooooh how petty and devious! I should try this.
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    @sariel pleasepleasepleeeeeasee write a rant about a couple instances of that. Very curious here.

    @boombodies tell him to invest in third-world national debt. Best returns than most stocks, easier than opening a coffee shop and safer than crypto - but just barely, so that risk junkies can get about the same thrill.
    The sucker is gonna lose his life savings and some argentinian kids will have brand new school books. Win-win!
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    Assuming there is an increasing risk of interest rates to skyrocket right now, paying sone of your mortgage in advance is probably the smartest thing you can do. That or investing in your house if necessary.
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    Find what you like to do and find someone to pay you for it.
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    @sariel that’s awesome! Thanks for fighting the good fight!
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