A programmer and a business analyst are sitting in the break room one day eating lunch when suddenly the microwave catches fire. Thinking quickly, the analyst leaps up, unplugs the microwave, grabs the trash can, fills it with water from sink, and dumps the water on the microwave to put out the flames.

A few weeks later the two are again having lunch in the break room when suddenly the coffee maker bursts into flames. The programmer leaps up, grabs the coffee maker, shoves it into the microwave oven, and then hands the trash can to the business analyst, thus re-using the solution developed for the previous project.

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    Regression issue, won't fix
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    I was wondering if the Arnold terminators programmed using Arnold C?
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    Hate to be the one to poke holes in this. But surely the procedure was unplug , then douse with water , not chuck it into another appliance.

    Maybe a missed opportunity of the `this` keyword
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    coding makes your hands fire-proof
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