Have a frozen pizza that expired in May, is it safe to eat?

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    Safe? Probably

    Enjoyable? Only if you're a heathen
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    May 2022 or 2021?

    If it's this year, go for it. If it's last year..... not so much.
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    I ate canned soup that was 3 years old. It is probably fine.
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    If it's still frozen, go for it
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    Best before date / expiry date are mostly for the producer so no one can sue them.

    Or in the more polite way: It's about the foods quality - the producer guarantees the products flavours are good till this date.

    Use by date is about food safety, e.g. for raw meat - don't consume it after this date. The date is only valid if the cold chain wasn't interrupted - as you walked through the supermarket and back home with the food it is most likely interrupted, hence throw it away if it's over the use by date.

    Hint: Many producers "cheat" and include e.g. a combination of gases to make raw meat look brightly red under the packaging - so colour and sniffing might lead to very wrong assumptions.....

    Take the use by date seriously, the best before date as a guideline.

    If it looks okay, has no freezer burn / mold, doesn't smell and a small bite doesn't taste weird, it's pretty safe.

    If a can however explodes / overflows on opening, throw it away asap. It means that the cans content has rotten and the gas has built up a pressure in the can... Absolute no go.


    Even salt has a beat before date...
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    May be, May be not
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    I would eat it
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    ask the pizza. if it answers: no.
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    @IntrusionCM himalaya salt expiring in two weeks. good fortune we got it out of the mountain after millions of years - just in time... it's all about the toxic capitalist mindset of "who can we sue if things go wrong".

    fun fact: honey was found in pyramids that, after 3000 years, was still edible.
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    @tosensei I was going to say something similar.

    Living alone back when I was a student taught me that food is edible in that interval of time it doesn’t move by itself.
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    @tosensei That cought me off guard lol
    Now my table is decorated with coffee droplets 😅
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    Yeah frozen is safe as long as you stored it properly. I had some apples I frozen in 2020 and they were still good (although complete mush because of freeze cell damage) but the idea was to use them for a smoothie so that's ok.

    Even raw meat stays safe indefinitely in the freezer, it just looses quality and the cells get damaged so really it is recommended to use within half year or so. But there you go, freezers are great.

    pip freeze pizza
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    @ramipaper I smell a spam account 🫤
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    Depends. When the cold chain is uninterrupted and you store it at −18 °C, frozen pizza is basically safe to eat forever.
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