1. Spend a week learning InDesign and create an awesome resume.
2. Upload and send the PDF resume around with applications.
3. Have ppl ask for a Word file...

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    Fuck my life. Welcome to devRant. Good one...cheers!
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    "No, sorry, I'm not a copywriter, I design things"

    1. Copy
    2. Paste
    3. ?????
    4. Profit! (Maybe. No guarantee)
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    It's actually an excellent tool for web layout/design.
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    Just use an online converter.
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    just upload the pdf anyway?

    The minute you send a wordfile you loose control on how your resume looks and on how you make an first impression. Because HR people probably don't have the font you choose installed on their machines.
    And you don't want you represented in comic sans don't you?
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    This actually happens to me, I send a PNG file with the PDF. I refuse to send a word doc. Lol
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    @KingSolo but what if they have an hr software that scans the resume for keywords? Then you're out of luck with png...
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    @heyheni Include a json file with the png.
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    @bittersweet oh you developers.... 😆
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    I wouldn't even apply there
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    two reasons for doc format: one, automatic keyword extractor macros. second, idiot HR/recruiters.
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    4. Have a recruiter strip it down to plain text, running the layout from in design and making you look like an idiot.
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    They ask for a word one so that they can more easily copy and paste it into thier own CV format that was developed by a primary school student for a project that his dog literally ate and shat out, before he handed it in.

    The mother fucking aweful templates I have seen from agencies is appealing. I refuse to deal with an agency that asks for a word format. You CV is the first impression that a company gets, if it looks like a horses poles, then it better bloody well be me who write up that horses poes.

    Not to mention they actually fuck it up, they made spelling mistake and managed to change my age, race and gender.

    Another guy I know got an interview for a job based on skills the recruiter put in his CV for a technology he had never ever heard of.
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    Well in my past life I've never had these problems. I was once asked to send a word file but since my CV is a website that prints out to 4 A4 pages (with 2 optional) I just told them copy the text from there.
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    Was asked by a recruiter just today whether I could remove all contact information from the CV and send them the PDF.
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    @Huuugo that's pretty normal, they don't want companies to contact you directly in attempt to screw them out of thier commission.
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