I've missed you all.

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    It's been a while! What have you been up to?
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    Devrant missed you too. Do you have problems, or are the problems having you?
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    New baby!
    And vacation! (Sort of.)

    I left for a few reasons, mostly burnout and medical. And then distancing myself because I didn’t want to be all negative and push everyone away. That and taking a break from tech is always nice.

    If you’re wondering about medical:
    Worsening sickness (long covid | ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I’m exhausted all the time, and it gets much much worse with effort/activity. Standing for ten minutes is often more than I can manage. Mental effort isn’t as taxing, thankfully, so I can still work for short periods. But some good news! I’ve found a few things that help, and I have two (!) healthcare people who vouch for me. So things are improving here 😁

    And my cute little girl helps keep me going.
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    >New baby
    Heyyyyuaaaaa!! Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸ€©πŸͺ…πŸŽŠ

    Take care.. all you need is rest physically, and mental downtime to recover and rejuvenate.

    Find a hobby that makes you fill joy. Avoid responsibilities.

    One thing that I observed in myself and you (based on our conversations), is we are loaded with responsibilities and nobody to share those with. That leads to burnouts and breakdowns.

    I hope you find pleasure and peace soon.
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    @Floydimus ❀️
    And thanks!
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    Hearty Congratulations :-) and take care
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    Happy baby day!
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    welcome back and congratulations on the reinforcements, empress @Root.

    feel the hugs ʕっ•α΄₯•Κ”っ
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    I missed you too.

    About the baby, congrats. I won't go with an obscene amount of cute emojis to present myself as if I was good at social communications, just congrats :)

    About standing and five minutes, this reminds me of when I had depression, and one dipshit who thinks he's a psychiatrist and probably lied his way into a lab coat somehow, prescribed me aripiprazole. Bye-bye going outside, going to get groceries is like hiking when you're past 40 kilometres already, but with no emotional reward. Muscle pain.

    Awful period of my life.
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    Hah, Its always a pleasure to see you here mommy @Root !
    I wish you a speedy recovery, bless you and the baby girl 😁
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    To quote grandpa Nop: "Root de Doot!"
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    At least your break was like 3 weeks and not 9ish months lol
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    @jAsE are you the real jase?
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    @jAsE dang! Just like that; destroyed all the points you gave out to people.
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    stop trying to die! πŸ‘
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    @Demolishun I'm not trying to die :<
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    Awwww we missed ya too even though many of us have no idea who you are which must feel isolating lol
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    @TheWrongGod I’ve only been gone for two months, silly. Green dots probably don’t though, that’s true.
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    @Root whatd you say about green dots >=(

    cg, ewwww babbyyy
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    @Root so all I am is a green dot sniff
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    @TheWrongGod green dots come out of my nose.
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    Welcome back! Congrats on the lil one!

    hope you are doing much better now :D
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    @AleCx04 Thanks! πŸ’œ

    The CFS is worse, but I’m better able to manage it now. I know what signs to look for that tell me when I’m overtaxing myself, so I collapse less often. I still collapse and am bed-ridden a few times a week, but that’s a significant improvement from every day.

    I knew people got debilitating illnesses and the like, I just never expected it to happen to me.

    But I won’t let this get the best of me.
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    I knew you tried to shoot me
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    @Root face reveal ftw!
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    Root is back!
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    You have no idea how much I'm glad to read this.

    Congrats, happy healing \m/
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    @dmonkey Aw, thank you. πŸ€—
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