bitchface micromanager keeps telling me i don't communicate enough, don't do enough, am not fast enough, etc.

So i've been sending her a weekly summary of ~50 bullet points of things I did during the week, issues encountered, workarounds found, research findings, who i talked to, etc. all organized by task with links to the tickets.

My work volume hasn't increased (probably decreased, actually) but it certainly looks like I'm doing a lot. probably because i am? but she doesn't listen during standup, so... victory by a hundred bullet points it is!

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    I also asked her for more work three times over the past two days. No response, and I've finished all of my other work.

    Guess that means I get the rest of the day off :)
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    @Root hahaha nice! That's some good MaliciousCompliance right there.
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    Loolz, she’s just using reverse psychology to get you to work faster.
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    Same problem I faced when I was working for a logistic company. They often use the "you not communicating" as an excuse to portrait you as the potential threat to the company with the intention to fire you.
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    I can tell it's a @root's rant w/o even opening it. It's got a speciffic scent... 😁
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    @johnmelodyme That is totally her intention. But I dislike her, so I’m making it difficult :)
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    Sounds like you've successfully tailored your communication style to their needs.
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    It’s the second coming of @Harambe!
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    @Root all you can do is to prove and keep evidences that she was the one who wasn't communicating all along...
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    Changelog of my LIFE.

    - malicious compliance department.
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    In a similar situation once I reported a non existing bug, causing panic for an afternoon, reported that the bug was solved and got praised in front of others because I used Jira to report my work 😈
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    There was a similar situation
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    82 bullet points this week, over five tickets and two other tasks.

    Malicious compliance, totally, but holy crap I did a lot this week.

    And my time tracker says only 25% of my 40h tracked time was actually productive (research, code, specs, docs). Most of the rest was spent dying or talking.

    They don’t deserve me.
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    I’m working in a really messy collection of projects right now. I spent three weeks tugging on a piece of spaghetti. Manager requested that I connect them to jira tickets and have them on branches.

    I had a chain of 14 tickets in jira in to-do which all depended on another. I couldn’t do branches because it was way too messy but I linked them to commit messages. Sprint burn down became burn up and we ended the last sprint with more points in to-do than we had at the start of the sprint.

    I wasted so much time on process. I could have had them done in a sprint if I hadn’t been furiously documenting everything. Then I had to wait for review before continuing so many times.
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    she’s definitely taking classes of “micro-gement” from Michael Scott.
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    I fell in that trap before. It works 🤷🏽‍♂️
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