Interview in 45 mins! Nervous as fuck! Any tips?

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    Stop being nervous
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    Don't mention the word "passionate".
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    Take a deep breath. It will be OK.
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    Meditate. It acts as a refresh().
    But.... Don't doze off xP
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    Thanks guys!! Its sad that even with 5 years of working in the startup world I get stressed out about interviews! Lol
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    Take it easy and do what you best can: Tell them you can fix printers ;)
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    Be yourself. Honesty and openness is key.
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    You know what you know.
    Some questions are designed to see -how- you think, so don't stress if you don't know the answer off the top of your head.
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    Save your farts
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    How'd it go?
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    a sip of TEQUILA!!! 🍸
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    @Fydrenak fucking bombed it. They asked a "minesweeper proximity" algorithm. Solve in 45 mins. For a front end engineering position.
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