What are the rules about not ranting on here? Don't tell me there aren't any.

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    Your tags may be a bit off.

    But if you're asking if lurking is ok, then yes it is. I mainly lurk and comment on others rants.
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    The tags are way off. Didn't include some of the tags :p probably for the best. Now I won't ever do that again. What I meant was what are the rules of posting but not ranting. I'm trying to get, the hidden rules of what not to post. @jhh2450
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    @cjozwiak well, this isn't Twitter, so don't post stuff like "Going to the store" :p
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    @cjozwiak Just keep it developer or computer science or tech related. We strive to prevent this community from going down the hellish path and becoming 9Gag.

    Also, a few days late, but welcome to devRant.
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    I guess racism is a big No No.
    Just use common sense?
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