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    Actually the boring started around the 4. 🤷🤷
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    Their keynotes are interesting
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    Pretty much. The iPhone 8 is just a 7s in disguise. The iPhone X is the real iPhone 8 but for an absurd cost (1.8k AUD here for the 256GB model). I'm siding with the Chinese phones until otherwise.
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    @Nebyular they're the way forward mate.
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    @Nebyular what are you running at the moment?
    I'm thinking of the Oukitel K3 for my next one.
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    And the hear phones? 160$, dont hang on right and worst quality than a Chinese copy....

    Steve brought the innovation to Apple...
    Now it's just another company only interested in profit...
    You can only expect worst and worst from Apple, less quality and higher prices
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    @bash-apprentice Xiaomi Mi5, been some decent support in the XDA community.
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