many of you have probably been skeptical this entire time of what i am capable of with a keyboard and a monitor

i guarantee what you are about to see is far beyond 99% of what can be found in SiLiCoN vALLeY salad bar tech bros, and probably what 99% of you can write

take some time to understand this code, like REALLY understand it...

if you can't, that's fine. come back in 5 years.

here it is:


this is what 10+ years of busting your ass (and i mean really busting, its fucking 7 PM on a saturday for me) can look like

another reason you can understand it's infuriating listing to rubes ramble "we can't hire you because you dont have <<arbitrary number of years>> with <<arbitrary language>>" absolute clowns - or listening to managers who are "smart" yeah ok buddy

i am ChatGPT-10+. bow down to my superintelligence. we don't need LLMs because I am 5+ iterations ahead

also if you don't understand the significance of this code, it's on you

any clown i've ever seen, whether it be on twitter, facebook, insta, here on dev rant, hackernews, or whereever, just know, i know you're full of shit, and i've worked harder. that is all.

anyway, i'm finally done for the day, cheers πŸ₯ƒ

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    inb4 rubes who claim "oh a function that generates string sentences"

    bitch, it works on any arbitrarily shaped dataset

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    Only 200 lines of code? I could easily do it in 1500. Your typing must be so slow if you're writing code with so few lines...
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    So you can do basic statistics over an arbitrary set of properties of a set of objects (always assuming that said properties can be converted to number).

    In an interpreted language with reflection built in.

    And without providing a way to use custom converters.

    Sure, it looks neat, but what's so special about it?
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    sure, its nothing special....
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    I'm gonna Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V this man's whole career.
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    const outcomeUnit = "%"

    not only is it a global variable, it is also being used only once, immediately afterwards. Same with the const immediately before that.

    Line 169 has excessive length, you could've just shorten it.

    I also miss comments, no interface documentation whatsoever.

    The generics are quite neat tho. And some of the features you use from TS are also quite nice too. like that const array thing for example
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    However, moving on from your code to your argument of not being able to understand it.

    You're an amateur. Simple as that.

    Amateurs write hard to understand code. Professionals write easy to understand code. Keep that in mind.
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    It's not even meant to be insulting, but you need to get rid of this mindset of: it's complicated, therefore it's good.

    This is bullshit.
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    Idiots admire complexity. Geniuses admire simplicity.
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    ok geniuses, write my generic code in a more simple way

    also - complains about a global const but then turns around and complains about not keeping things simple what?

    generic code is by nature complex and hard to read. it's abstraction layered on top of abstraction. if you want powerful functions such as these, yeah there's gonna be difficult grokking

    as i said, if you find a way to refactor, be my guest
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    dude literally complaining about my example code usage in here
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    also this is obviously a prototype, of course there can be improvements, like any software ever written
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    clown realizes, there are actual developers on devrant lol.
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    I'm not a ts/js guy, but this code is lower quality than what I would submit with a post like this.

    Mind you I wouldn't submit a post like this, either.
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    There are devs here who write 3d engines, programming languages, robot automation and you came with this.

    If you compare yourself with Facebook / Insta stuff I understand your God complex
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    Is the code extremely badly written?

    Lol. No.

    It's pleasant to read with room for improvements.

    Is the writer of the code currently mentally unstable due to getting constant rejects for a job position?



    My criticism of the code is the number of type conversions... Not a TS guy, but the number of type conversions seems odd to me (as number).
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