What kind of music from video games has stuck in your head?

For me it was nearly all music from American McGee's Alice(because that OST is absolutely unique), Bumby's Office from Alice: Madness Returns, along with some other music, Crysis 2 Theme(it stuck in my head for at least a month after having beaten it), some songs from Still Life, the theme for Ori and the Blind Forest, Halo Theme(of course), and others I just cannot remember...

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    The sound when you finish a level in Super Mario bro 3 (I think).
    And you jump to touch the flag and I think it also shows fireworks.

    I SO LOVE that sound.
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    for some reason it was the Doom Ost, that's normally not my genre of music, but damn is it good. Probably because it is from Mick Gordon. Other then that, I love the themetrack of the original Deus Ex.
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    Ocean Loader v2
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    Zelda - Ocarina of time 😍
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    @fun2code I still know it by heart ^_^
    @BlueNutterfly for me also some tracks from silent hill, all (and community remixes) of DeusEx series (apart from pt2), some from need for speed, main menu theme from fifa 98 (chumbawamba - tubthumping), witcher 3 is fucking gorgeous, some midi tracks from might and magic 6/7/8 series, a few from Saints Row 3 - very catchy, Mass Effect series has good ones, skyrim too...
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    Kerbal space program.
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    Oh, and also Bioshock 3.
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    Super Mario Bros. level one :))
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    @balaianu yay! From time to time I teach myself how to play that tune on guitar. After awhile I totally forget and then teach myself again %D
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    Not many as a song, but Escape frok the City of Sonic Generations WQS one that glued to.my head for a while. Either that don't know :x
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    The funny thing is that I didn't even ever play it. That fucking scary music has been stuck in my head for YEARS without me knowing what the fuck it was.

    Some week ago I made the discovery.
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    Deus Ex, first and third.
    Starcraft's Music is incredible.
    Oh and i love the Bioshock Music, especially the classic songs, which also work really good as background music for programming.
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    My current fav tunes are Sonic Mania's Studiopolis Act 1 by Tee Lopes and Hacknet Labyrinths' Sabotage by Remi Gallego. Can't get those out of my head
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    The Fallout 3 Soundtrack is stuck with me for days whenever I play that game. Especially "I don't want to set the world on fire" which is a track on Galaxy News Radio.
    Otherwise, the Splinter Cell OST - at first I didn't even know it was a game OST - and the Battlefield 1 main theme, which is weird because I play that game like once/twice a year on LANs.
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    Metal gear solid 3 - Snake eater, they play the song climbing a giant ladder (to hide the load time of a new area). Awesome song though.
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    Basically the entire soundtrack to the Dragon Quest series.

    Plus smatterings of Mario, Zelda, Street Fighter 2, Shovel Knight, Elder Scrolls, and other random games.
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    The one from my own game - I keep forgetting to disable it when I'm working on it, so I've heard the first 5 seconds of it several thousand times now
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    Played way to much FF VII and FF VIII back in the day. Sometimes I listen to the soundtracks on YouTube when I code. Also love all Sonic the Hedgehog music from the Sega Genesis games.
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    TES series has always nuts OST.
    Undertale OST is damn addicting and so is Transistor's.

    Even tho not original, it's worth mentioning Tales of two borderlands: telltale nailed the song choices.
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    The Amusement park theme from Nier: Automata!! It just gets into your head and won't let you go!
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    Halo, knights and merchants, anno 1602
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    @moortuvivens Knights and merchants - loved this one!!!
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    @darkmiko not game related but your blogpost about how to make time for anime is great, thanks!
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    Hitman 1,2,3,4 OST from jesper Kyd
    Splinter cell chaos theory OST from amon Tobin
    These are the most heard OST of my Life
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    @olezhka Thank you for reading it!! I'm glad you liked it. ^^
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    It varies a lot, but lately, Last Surprise, Persona 5's normal battle theme, has been my most stuck-on-mental-loop song. The whole soundtrack is great, especially if you're not put off by the words "acid jazz".

    If people still used the adjectives "funky" and "wicked" to describe things, that's what I'd use to describe it, heh.
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    I really like most Dark Souls music (Nameless Song fav), and definitely Bioshock Infinite with all that fancy stuff! But even in my dreams I'm stuck with the soundtrack of IB.
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    I forgot to add Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 soundtrack.There are some Jazz-y songs there. Fly Me To The Moon(The name is... Weird for the remix. Infinite Climax Version. It is played during combat sometimes in Bayonetta), and Moon River(Also Infinite Climax Version and also played during combat, but in Bayonetta 2).

    And BioShock 1 and Infinite. Not really played the second one.
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    Requiem for Ravenholm, anyone?

    Even though I'm not a huge Half-Life fan.
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    @wolt I love my ability of memorising melodies. Especially if there are memories associated with those.

    Keep in mind, American McGee's Alice is a really old game and not on Origin or Steam or GOG. You can either get it through Piracy, Ebay, Amazon or things like that. It also doesn't play nice with a lot of Windows 10 recording software. I went through painstaking search of a program that would record it and only Plays.Tv did it well. You also have to do some tweaking in the config files if you get the original version and not the HD Remaster... The HD Remaster version is basically the same thing with a few notable things added. First, it disabled console, so no cheating :P Next, it added controller support. Third, it added widescreen support. Fourth was just some of the models being slightly retextured. But if I remember correctly, only digital versions of the Remastered version exist.
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    I might add Vindictus as well. If any of you played it, you must remember that Colhen town theme with the dog barfs and the blacksmith ahoy'ing in the background. What a harmony! Damn, happiest years of my life...
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    Absolutely Battlefield 4's "Warsaw theme"
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    Every song from Dear Esther 👌🏻
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    @BlueNutterfly ++ for Ravenholm... The place that scared the shit out of me so many times...

    About other soundtracks...

    Portal / Portal 2
    Guilty Gear (all of them, except the drama albums)
    Child of Light (because Coeur de Pirate)
    StarCraft II
    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Karmaflow (so, many artists that I recognize)

    😂 I don't know if I can count the O.S.T. of games like "Pump It Up" 😂 as I was a "more than casual" player back in the day, but the songs of such games still are present on the daily playlists from time to time

    Edit: oh! I can't left out the Hitman soundtracks from Jesper Kyd, nether the Orchestral arrangements of the Final Fantasy series (the Distant Worlds albums... Majestic!)
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    (Not original of the game, but:)
    The Godfather!!!!
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    The Witcher 3 soundtrack. Soundgasm all the time - oh my fucking God fuck I definitly love that soundtrack!
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    Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare and All Gtas from Gta San!
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    Some ACB soundtrack I can't remember the name of
    The melody of the Ace Combat theme
    Title screen music of Clonk Rage
    Battlefield theme
    ArmA 3 - This is war
    Some Nekopara soundtracks

    And does osu! count? ^^

    Ohhh, and the GTA:SA theme, of course

    EDIT 2:
    and since I've started playing them again, some ambient tracks from Gothic 1 and 2
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    The secret of monkey island theme

    The secret of.monkey island 2 Theme

    LeChuck's Theme

    The whole Terranigma OST

    Super Mario World - Overworked

    And of course
    Tetris - Track A
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    @rc5-asdf ++ for Prehistorik 2.... I love that game 😍

    This game, along Prince of Persia, were the first videogames that I ever play, in an old PC with a 80386 processor, monochromatic monitor (orange tinted), and a keyboard that it looked as a typewriter 😂

    Damn... I miss my old 3.5" floppy discs 😭

    (P.S. that then that you wrote... Can you elaborate a little more 😜? I got curious about it)
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    @rc5-asdf those keyboards... Difficult to not fall in love with them (LOL - there's an explanation for that 😂)

    Sadly, I can barely remember the specs of the computers where I used to play these games (along Outrun, and Another World (another favorite)) as they were property of the... School? Training Center?, anyway whatever it was 😂

    As a short anecdote: there was a couple of dudes that almost every day were trying to beat each other on Prince of Persia seeing who can finish the game in the shortest time (that 60 min limit was challenging for me back then)...
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    Dead rising 3
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    Oh, remembered another one...

    Music Box from Layers of Fear.

    It just gets stuck in your head if you're feeling even slight discomfort.
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    I forgot to specify that the version I'm talking about is the half and hour extended version...
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    I had just completely forgot about those Alice soundtracks!
    Thank you @BlueNutterfly, they've now been added to my growing list of soundtracks I code to —
    though my personal favourites are still the ones from the Kick-Ass movies and Starcraft :)
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    Destiny 2 soundtrack is really good
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    i haven't finished the part 2. nice costume though
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    The Portal 2 music.
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    The soundtrack from hollow knight.
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