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    Ideas are commonplace things. Just as a challenge today, in a two hour span, I came up with exactly 100 commercially viable ideas, some of which haven't even been tried yet by anyone that I know of.

    This is me humblebragging, but it highlights an important lesson:

    Good ideas are *genuinely* not worth the bytes or ink it takes to write them if you don't have the skill, connections, marketing, or cash to carry them forward.

    I guarantee you, if you aggregated the commercially viable ideas of all the people on this platform, the list would number in the hundreds, probably in the thousands. And the list would be different every week.

    Good ideas happen frequently enough because good ideas are a subset of the *ocean* of nonviable and stupid ideas that we all stumble on constantly, every day.

    Like finding a needle in a stack of hay..or a nugget of golden corn by digging through piles and piles of steaming shit. It's a numbers game.