Anyone has resolutions for this year?

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    Spend less on takeout
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    nope, I don't set these, just some general direction(s) ;)
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    My new year resolution:

    1- Study and take the IELTS exam, a pre-requisite to apply for the first world nation of Canada

    2- Translate my cv to French and apply to jobs in the first world priviledged nations of France and Belgium etc, so I can be a spoiled holiday taking, alcohol drinking motherfucker

    3- Work on my physical and emtional health
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    yes. 5120x1440
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    1. Beat all my issues with the university, learn to learn more efficiently and get better grades. I am not the best in grades but not the worst but I'd like a bit of a difference towarda the better.

    2. MOVE OUT - I am tired of having to be dependent on someone... I did move out before, but it did not last.

    3. WORK - need a source of income for the independence...

    4. Hopefully go to Canada to see some of acquired family, let's just say...

    5. Find my own voice, so to speak. Both literally and figuratively.

    6. Eat better. I don't eat REALLY unhealthily, but I do need to cut down on carbs a bit.

    7. Remember to do simple tasks that need to be done, which I have real issues with

    8. COOK MORE - I want to be not as chaotoc with cooking...

    9. Help out more - This might be my guilt speaking

    10. Live a life with the connections I want to have...
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    Get completely sober with exceptions to medical treatment
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    what's yours?
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    I think I'm going to reuse most of the 2023 ones
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    @tosensei sounds like a last year's resolution
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    @tosensei 60 or 144 Hz?
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    No. New year's resolutions are never fulfilled anyway.

    I'm just gonna survive.
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    @cafecortado 120, actually - with 144, i'm bandwith constrained to 8 bit colour instead of 10.
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    @joewilliams007 quitting drugs. I'm far on that already
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    @joewilliams007 what's yours?
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    @retoor stop watching cherry crush. And better time management and allocation.
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    To become a high value man..
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    1. Make sure I'm actually retired
    2. Make some video games
    3. Stop dying all the time, hopefully
    4. Become more of an adult. I have to learn how to deep clean my apartment cuz my roommate should be moving out this summer. He's a slob and I've refused to clean after him now but I actually need to learn this for myself later. Thankfully soon I won't have someone else's messes to clean up, which was really pissing me off before. So hope that all works out I'm kind of excited.
    5. I wanna try cooking Russian dishes from my childhood and actually using the refrigerator for storing leftover food. Last month accidentally realized I halved my food costs by just... Not buying really expensive meat to eat lol, so I'm curious if I could make like katleti and stuff like that which is cheap as heck and tastes better after cooling, then I also don't have to go grocery shopping as often
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    @jestdotty The mention of katleti got my mouth watering... It is so good! I would add Olivier to the list of the foods! It is such an easy and delicious salad. And maybe shuba
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    1. Organize box room (the room in my house we put the moving boxes into when we moved here over a year ago and where we still have some boxes that never got unpacked)
    2. Convert box room into a spare bedroom/craft room
    3. Keep up with Duolingo
    4. Complete a crochet project every month (bought a monthly project subscription, super excited to try it out!)
    5. Crochet at least one article of clothing
    6. Learn how to draw (Bought a 21 Draw course subscription, so making time to go through those courses)
    7. Grudgingly learn to be better at TypeScript
    8. Work on my regex lexer
    9. Start on my regex parser (again)
    10. Lose more weight than last year (lost ~50 lbs in the second half of last year)
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    @AmyShackles what language are you learning using duolingo?

    I did the lexer thing also again and again for my scripting langue (named retoorscript, @aviophille gave the name 😁). But when you get it, you get it. What language you're making it in?

    Learning to draw.. I'm sure I can't learn it. Can't even draw a dog. Drawing is not for everyone it seems.

    I have a box room called my parents house. Everytime I move, I leave furniture there. Every house I buy new furniture 🤣. My parents house is not that of a save place. My brother blew up my couch with carbid few years ago.

    Again about lexer: craftinginterpreters.com will learn you to make it in C and Java but it's bit hard (much). Asking chatGPT is a good idea
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    @retoor Estoy intentando aprender español. Trabajo con muchos argentinos en el trabajo.

    Writing it in JavaScript because I’m an agent of chaos.

    I have to constantly remind myself when picking up new hobbies that no one is naturally good at anything, you just don’t generally see all the times talented people fucked up while they were learning the skills we see them use. When I was first learning to crochet, I had times where I thought there was no way in hell I’d ever learn to crochet and now I can pick up new stitches quickly.

    It’s really cute that you can use your parents’ place like that. ❤️

    Attached image is the…. thing… I drew after the first lesson of my first drawing class. It’s supposed to be two spheres with a single light source. 😅
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    @tosensei how come?
    I'm even on 160hz but anything of 120 and above feels fine.
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    @hjk101 how come what exactly? that 144hz needs more bandwith than 120hz, resulting in more than can be done with 8bit with the specific setup i have?
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    @tosensei yes I was wondering what was limiting the colour space.
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