People from first-world countries, what are your biggest problems?

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    @atheist i have to agree, but it's a bit reductionist. so i'd like to add the following point:

    * people.
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    I like to imagine first world people's problems be like:

    - Oh man, my cushions are not soft enough for my sofa. ughh i hate my life.

    - I ordered Uber Eats and it was 2 mins late. FULL 2 MINUTES late !! can you believe it?

    - I asked my father for a Lamborghini Aventador and he got me this stinky Ferrari F40 ??!!!! ughh kill me now.
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    I want to travel, but I have a dog and no one wants to look after him.
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    @SidTheITGuy excuse me? more like

    - my cushions are too soft for my sofa! how am I supposed to live with that?

    - my uber eats arrived two minutes earlier! I wanted to have precisely five minutes of mindfulness before the feast, and now, because of that damn pesky Mexican, I only had three! Speedy Gonzalez my ass!

    - I couldn't decide between an F40 and aventador, so my father got me both, and now I have identity crisis every time I gotta pick the car!
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    @kiki if i had to chose between an F40 and an aventador, i'd walk. every single time.
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    Mortgage, Home renovation, Unemployment, High and still rising prices of groceries, Stupid corrupt government, Day to day job stress... stuff like that. I'm not worried I'll go hungry or anything, but I definitely don't worry about couch cushions.
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    @lungdart the us was recently categorised as a "third world" country
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    @MammaNeedHummus where's Canada on that list? I've been waiting for a doctor for 2 years. I have to go state side for anything serious.
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    @TeachMeCode on point. In first world countries we invent fake problems and then try to solve them by being woke/inclusive/whatever.
    That makes it easier to ignore real problems in the world.
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    I hate the six grade attitude. A Dutch person is happy if his work is graded a six. Nobody wants to be good anymore in smth. *looks at coworkers*
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    @kiki sometimes leafs are in our garden from the neighbour's tree and then we have to use a leafblower. A leafblower is the #1 first world country product ever
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    @retoor Is it not called the "zesjescultuur"? Belgium has kinda the same problem
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    @wojtek322 yes. Being avarage is the goal of most people. A friend told me once literally that he wanted to be average in everything. What a mindset
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    * Daycare for baby, it's a chore and organizational hell
    * Mortgage security, although I make enough bank and have enough savings for at least 4 months without worry it still is a worry to ensure a 23 year long debt.
    * Health. As my beloved is struggling with cancer, healthcare is important, but again organizational hell and daily depressions and mood swings. Also energy is near zero
    * Home improvements like durable isolation, energy, water collection,...
    * Weather/climate. Due to these challenges it becomes more and more difficult to maintain our orchard of apple trees. We need to lure in more bees, but they get killed by pesticides of regional farmers that are the slaves of big ag. Also sudden jumps in temperature from 8°c to 24°c is causing issues like diseases and energy issues.
    * Transportation: although we have a small low consuming car, it's still on gas. Buying electric car is still not an option due to above mentioned energy issues. Also costs way too much for now
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    Not falling offa my wallet.
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    @NeatNerdPrime you have your own orchard…

    sorry for the cancer situation tho
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    @kiki picture bombing run

    The beginning of our piece of land.
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    Our cherry tree. Had a hard winter with too much rain and changing temperature
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    The rest of our domain, the three apple trees, and other plants and trees, our orchard, in view.
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    @NeatNerdPrime envy envy envy envy envy 😈
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    Conservatives and People who's opinion isnt based on logic. Yes there is a correlation between the two!
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    I got vaccinated and now I've had dementia and numbness in half my body, mania for over a year. today I left the house and I literally couldn't remember how to get back home. thanks totalitarian Canada.

    also all the food is double or triple the price of what it was 4 years ago. lot of people are bitching. rent everywhere is double but thankfully I'm not the one moving this year

    there's also no good jobs that I ever wanna do so I just don't. the people who contact me sound fake. people are too into their buzzwords. also I live in French land and I don't speak French. it's actually illegal for me to work here because I won't speak French

    my actual biggest problem is income, because I have none. instead I sit on my ass, and chase my health with pills. my brain is too bad most days

    I'm 32 and at 35 women have issues having kids. I have a bf, need a house I can never afford, and need to do all this and stop being sick before 35
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    Reading this thread with that robot voice from those "r/AskReddit" videos in my mind.
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    Media addiction + polarization. Increasingly extremist attitudes.
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    My wrist hurts a bit, and my gym doesn’t have as many machines as I would like.
    Quite different from where I used to live.
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    Array of taxes and deductions
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    @NeatNerdPrime Protect the trees damn it. Lost a 30-year old cherry tree because of drought
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    @jestdotty You go girl. Make those babies if you can. Keep your spirit up during difficult times as a a mom.
    Mid-life fatigue is a thing. Take care of yourself when you can and you will do just fine.
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    @gitstashio we are doing what we can, luckily we live in like the wettest region of Belgium with a lot of soil water. Just dig 1 to 5 meter and you're already tapping water.
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    @tosensei makes sense, a German would be able to spot shit overpriced italian garbage like that.

    Have a good day sir
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    @AleCx04 well, you could add any porsche to the list with the result being the same.
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    @NeatNerdPrime I thought you were Dutch but you're just living on my parking lot 🙁
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    @AleCx04 most German car brands are overpriced shit.
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    @Lensflare Germans in general, bought one on the black market a while ago. Only lasted three days
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    @retoor shiiiit! What did you do to him/her?
    Probably something nasty like forcing to do JavaScript?
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    @retoor the Ardennes is a large parking lot...
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    @Lensflare retoorscript. It really exists. I started to implement sockets. I want this language to be able to do two things:
    - create a webserver
    - to be able to write itself in itself
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    @NeatNerdPrime indeed. Enjoy! I give you permission to stay if you keep it clean
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    - and make Germans kaputt after 3 days
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    Disney owning every part of entertainment (Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 21st Century Fox) and putting all kinds of subliminal sexual elements into their films targetted at children.

    Disney, Nike, and all major world media (BBC, ABC, the guardian) owned by Jews.

    It's fucking annoying.
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    A problem is that it is crushingly lonely & difficult to build community and friendships.
    Everything is capital driven so you can be forced to move or your friends can be flung across the country or world for money.
    Simultaneously, everyone is aware of the fact we are precariously not in a conflict zone, but violence pervades the world. So they are reluctant to connect w/ strangers.
    No one seems to care about the absolute slaughter that is car travel and pedestrian deaths. The death toll is like 9/11 happens every month in the US nobody bats an eye.
    In fact when we propose developments that deprioritize cars or some limits to make them safer, there is immense pushback.
    To solve this many of us desperately want to live in a walkable city block,
    But recalcitrant nimbys block every walkable development leading to those of us who want to live somewhere fun and social crammed into the existing developments leading to a choice between a disconnected existence or skyrocketing rent.
    people delude themselves about the monetary cost of driving alone so even if you do get cheaper rent it’s almost always eaten up by car maintenance.
    You can go in to 6 figures of debt for a degree that won’t land you making 40k per year (this is not enough to pay back the loan maybe unless you live with parents, the take home on 40k is usually closer to 30k and then that assumes your health care isn’t crazy)
    But if you have a great business idea, no one is going to loan you 100k unless you have experience running the type of business you are asking for a loan to run?! The business might make money, the degree definitely won’t!
    In general there’s a feeling that it’s harder to get started and move up, and the people at the top view your success as a threat and will attack you to stop it. The market is not free, it’s oppressed.
    And it kind of makes sense, silence and security is cheaper than innovation and care.
    Also, you could get sued anytime.
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    Obviously this is all better than being in an actual war zone but if it’s built on so much exploitation and inequality it feels like a powder keg just waiting to detonate.
    Weirdly, at the current moment, the people who have benefited the most from the inequality and oppression are largely the ones causing the most disturbance, but that can shift in a minute.
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    @jestdotty ??? It’s demonstrable lived experience.
    If you enjoy living a consistent, live somewhere where nothing ever happens, then ok, you probably don’t feel this way. I lived 20 some odd years in such a setting.
    But if you get out and engage, it’s hard to miss.
    And sure it’s bitching thread. I’m not unhappy but these are in fact problems.
    And that the thing with first world problems, the feel so solvable of only we were as free as we claim to be.
    Not that we’re oppressed, by comparison, just not quite as free as we wish to be perceived.
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    @jestdotty also I’m calling it that the fear of falsification is projection. I can take my stances on issues to the mat in a debate.
    I’ve changed my mind in my life and I’m open to new info. Are you?
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    @jeeper the world is a mirror
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