People, finally back with a rant😌

You definitely have heard about the new privacy policies in the EU. What do you guys think about this BS?

Who the actual fuck has come up with such trash? Politicians can be such dumbfucks sometimes wtf..πŸ˜πŸ€”

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    Yes having the right to delete your own data and having total access is really BS.
    - Increased Territorial Scope (extra-territorial applicability)
    - Penalties
    - Consent
    - Breach Notification
    - Right to Access
    - Right to be Forgotten
    - Data Portability
    - Privacy by Design
    - Data Protection Officers
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    @fuck2code 🀣
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    @FilipeRamalho from a business perspective, this is kinda pointless and causing only trouble... i did not think about a consumers view on this topicπŸ€”
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    @thomas99934 Of course this is painful for business, but so are taxes and wages. We should see data rights as fundamental as taxes and paying wages.
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    Well, it is shit really. It is written by a laywer and not someone who has technical knowledge. I bet that most of the peeps here is not GDPR compliant or does not have to deal with it at all.
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    @Linux thats the main point that bothers me...
    people who have no adequate knowledge decide about areas they have never been in..
    safety and consumer protection is a good argument, but yeah...😐
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    @Linux Why should it be written by someone with tech knowledge, the GDPR doesn't rule how to implement, but rather what rights the people have and what responsibilities companies have and that is rather the job of laywers.
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    I know I know.. but the implementation of all this to comply the new law will suck...😐
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    @thomas99934 That's true, it even saddens me that some companies are trying to gaining money on unnecessary implementations. 😐
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    @FilipeRamalho there are way too many business only looking for gaining profits these days even if it means ripping people off.. that fucking sucks🀨
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    @Linux I make software for baggage handling on international airports. It took us a good 4 weeks to become GDPR compliant. It was quite a bit of work but in my opinion completely worth it.
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    I doubt you are GDPR compliant.
    How is the routines when it comes to your mailboxes? Backups? Firewalls? Logs? Storage? Digital locks on rooms? Physical archives? Printers?
    .TXT files on client machines?

    The list is long, I really doubt that you finished that in 4 weeks.
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    Well, you have not really understood what that means in the practical world? I doubt that your company are GDPR compliant when you say that ;)
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    @Linux no customer data ever leaves the machine which is in a closed network connected. We dont store any data (we did store language of the interface but since thats also personal data not needed for the system to work we removed it from the logging).

    Our devices themselves are unable to be reached from the outside (unless you somehow get physical access to a bunker only 50 people have access to and are guarded 24/7 by multiple armed guards, but thats outside our control, but under the control of a party a passenger has a contract with)

    We have had lawyers of multiple airlines and airports checking the system and they all say we are compliant.
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    "no customer data ever leaves the machine"

    That means that you actually have personal data? How long do you keep that? Why? Who has access to that data? Can a customer get access to all the data stored on that machine if they want to?

    "We have had lawyers of multiple airlines and airports checking the system and they all say we are compliant"

    A lawyer that understands IT? Impressive ;)

    I also want a fricking bunker!!
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    @Linux GDPR does have nothing to do with IT though. Its also for companies doing everything on paper or in their head. No IT lawyers needed.

    Sorry when I said machine I meant closed network.

    A customer scans his boardingpass and it will be send to the bunker which sends data back. It will stay on our machine until the session has ended (no more than 5 minutes on average).

    And again since we dont store data we cant give their data because its gone before they can ask for it.
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    Dissagree, GDPR affects IT. My point was, if a laywer took a look at a system - how could she/he know what he was looking at?

    Only you guys know how your software works, because you have spent year building and maintaining it.

    If you are not keeping the data, you are safe. Or even if you would keep it - I am sure you would not get any trouble for it if you had a good and valid reason to.
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    @Linux we sat down with lawyers.
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