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    Allow me to add a fix to this title though: "why every RICH developer user MacBook Pro"
    This tech is expensive as hell and I can, and I am working with a laptop that was less than half the price of the MacBook Pro with better hardware in comparison ( I wanted the small no touchbar version, I hate the touchbar)
    It's not about being cheap about it, but I got a better package for a lot less money.
    To be fair, in my country they overcharge massively for Apple products so comparing prices with the US would lessen the issue, but still.
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    Does that mean I am not a programmer? πŸ˜…
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    @Alice πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
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    I've been using a mac book pro all along and didn't know it :O
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    @Alice Bill Gates did develop didn't he πŸ€”
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    Oh thats why most devs sucks
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    When did my ThinkPad become a MacBook?
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    @kgbemployee If I was rich, I'd buy a max spec XPS 13 lol
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    The reason I have a macbook: I wanted to try what it was like.

    What I liked about it as a dev machine: the battery life. Nothing else.

    What I use it for now: browsing and chatting.
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    Is there something wrong with spending 1500$ on a PC that's way better than anything else for that price and putting Linux on it?
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    I didn’t watch the video, from the comments it seems like it would have been of low quality.

    I own a MacBook Pro 15 inch and use a 13 inch at work. I like them a lot. I am also not an Apple fan really. There are better phones than Apple, better tablets too. They are kinda shady and everything is overpriced.

    None of the above ever made me dislike my MacBook because it is great and does its job admirably. (The keyboard is shit but I use a Mechanical anyways so I don’t mind)

    But here are a few stats I can report.

    - I’ve worked with around 25 developer (worked together) in the past couple of years.

    - I would say 18 or so of them happily use MacBooks (at work at least)

    Of course, this is very anecdotal and should be taken so. But the numbers, at least here in Canada, tend to trend towards MacBooks for our professional developers from my experience.
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    @oudalally a valid approach but as I said earlier, in my country Apple products are massively overpriced and this tendency is visible in second hand units as well.
    A 2016 unit in midly cheaper than a new one so it isn't worth it.
    I have a 2017 MacBook Pro from work. It's not bad, but the keyboard failed due to dust in the first two months so... yeah, a 2000€ top end device that becomes semi unusable due to dust, an issue that no other device on the market has, no matter the price.
    None of the guys in the office like them either.
    I'm sorry, I'm just not into these devices.
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    You won't be able yo do that for long as everything in 2014 and onwards is soldered in or proprietary. Not to mention even if the hardware is good, it gets throttled because apparently battery is better than performance during Dev work....

    The 2017 butterfly switches were atrocious and we'll have to see if the new 2018 keyboard fixes the dust problem.
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    @RiderExMachina they’ve put a membrane around the switch itself it seems.

    I don’t think it will stop dust from getting under, but maybe it will stop the dust from breaking the friggin keys!

    They do suck.
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    I'd rather eat a razor blade than use a Mac.
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    I do find it odd that half the comments on here were devs saying "that video is rubbish! I have a Mac Book because..."

    I'd expected more people to say they just are not using Mac at all. I just started working with my first developer that uses a Mac. Don't know where they were all hidding for my first decade or so of programming.

    He is certainly devout. It would be nice if he didn't spend loads of time fixing things only the Mac compiler complains about, or made it so the CI system could use the Mac compiler, or used the Docker Container to do the actual compile like the CI does. Apparently him spending all his time fixing "bugs" that no one else sees and changing the build system to work on the tool chain only he uses and said build system taking 10 times longer to run on the Mac than anything else is all fine. Nothing for me to worry about.

    Rant done.

    I don't use a Mac, because when I try to operate one I've got no clue how to. Too many years of just Windows, Debian and Android.
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    In my country
    People thinks anybody who have an apple device is rich
    That a huge percent of them isn't rich
    One of my friends sell's his car to buy a Macbook Air for developing (idiotπŸ˜‘)

    But this is bullshit
    A developer or a programmer should use Linux and every day he/she using it, say it loud "this is gonna fuck me"πŸ˜‚
    What a pro
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    And here I am using a gaming series laptop for coding. πŸ˜‚
    I always thought Apple MacBooks as overhyped piece of tech that gets more attention than it deserves.
    You can get two high-end laptops at the same price of a MacBook.
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    Why I don't use a Mac - Docker runs like a piece of shit on it.
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    Apple devices are pieces of shit.
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