Me: *hours of coding, develops a feature*
Code: I'm working..
Me: Oh good.. will monitor you for sometime.
Code: Ok, I'm done. I'll stop working now.

Me: *sits for hours to solve bugs*
And when almost done,
VPN: Someone's having a good day, I'll disconnect you now.

Me: *tries switching on/off VPN couple of times..*
When it starts to connect,
WIFI: Oh wait!! It's my turn to bid goodbye now. Have a nice day sir
Me: Of course !! The wifi

Me: *restarts router/ troubleshoot etc*
When wifi says connected...
Battery: Good job with wifi.. I'm down now..what you gonna do?
Me: Are you fucking kidding me???

Me: *connects charger, wait for laptop to switch on*
Windows: Updating....
Me: *jumps out window*

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    Did the fall out of the window hurt?
  • 4
    time to rest...
  • 32
    If you had Linux there would be no Windows to jump out of!
  • 17
    @alexbrooklyn true, he would be having a panic attack by now
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    This happens when karma is afk from devrant, sorry bro
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    Oh oh oh me! Me! Use arch! Iusearchbtw!
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    Haha, this let me laugh out loud on public transport :P
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    Sounds like every day to me !
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    Today for me, I can't use Visual Studio until I fix this issue..


    Your license has gone stale and must be updated, check for an updated license to continue using this product


    Great, another bloody issue to fix !
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    Related link:



    It can go stale if you're offline for an extended period of time (e.g. if you don't use VS for 20 days, then you'll get a stale license when you start next time


    So you can't use it offline ?
  • 2

    Lucky for me I have at the moment a working internet connection, so I was able to follow the buttons and get:

    "We have updated your license successfully"

    But if I was homeless and without an internet connection, what would I have done then !!!
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    *PM goes to check on you on the pavement you just fell on*: is the code done??

    You: what do you think im doing??
  • 1
    Looks like low battery caused it all.
  • 6
    This rant is gold. 😂😂 I’ll just shut up and keep my rant to myself since after reading this, mine doesn’t seem that bad. Have a good rest of your day. 🤘😁
  • 1
    Seems like you're writing a suicide letter, can I help? :)
  • 1
    Coffee time !
  • 0
    I bet something wrong happened during the 'jumping out of the window' process, wonder what
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