And the client replied. We are using IE1. Its not working.

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    The margin is wrong.
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    Just tell them to use an actual browser or you can no longer work for them

    You hold the cards, remember that.
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    I'm pushing for us to stop supporting IE or Edge at all.

    I'm new in programming, but so green in the web department it's hardly even funny. Imagine my joy when I found out you can have default parameters in JavaScript, and then my horror when I find out default parameters is a 2015 feature and IE doesn't support it yet...

    Time to burn down the whole web stack if you ask me...
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    @ArcaneEye Edge (classic) is basically EOL anyway. They will be trying to flip everyone over to Edge Chromium.

    Besides, IE is such a small percentage of internet usage you don't have to worry about it unless it's an enterprise web app for a dinosaur company.
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    @kwilliams one word: banks ;-)
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    @ArcaneEye Yeah, they're not updating their browsers in order to be more secure.
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    @Lor-inc everyone knows exploits have expiry dates :-p
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    If you like reading comics you should read “Internet Explorer”. It is hilarious.

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    Oh yeah
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    @irene thanks for the link. That was a nice journey :)
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