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    You're weird
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    split-personality? :)
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    I'm oddly aroused.

    Ah never mind, there is an Apple Magic Mouse
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    @netikras haha, did not notice actually before you mentioned it. Actually I find it works surprisingly well... If you don't mind the gap between the screens. I suppose I'm the type of person who would actually buy a square monitor just to add another square just to find out I created another rectangle screen...
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    I don't think I could use such setup effectively, but I'm intrigued.
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    @Jilano I found out I use a lot of smaller windows plus I have a love for vertical screens. When I have to, I can extend the window over both screens. Together with some virtual desktops it works pretty well for me. But I might be weird...
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    @Intronout No worries, to each their own! Besides, it looks great
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    That's... not something I'd ever be able to use. Hope it works well for you though!
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    Why do you hate color? 🙂
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    Is that a corne? I've got an Kebio iris rev4 w/ creams that I use and I love it. What switches are you using?
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    Your desk looks clean. I like that.
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    @jbrandona119 yeah, it's a corne. It has aliaz silent switches
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    @Lensflare cause I have to work with colours all day long, my friend.
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    @jbrandona119 I'm curious to hear about your experiences with the keebio. Do the extra keys make a difference?
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    Ah, the reMarkable, that lovely piece of work.
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    @chabad360 Yeah, it has practically become my companion and abolished all physical paper. Still happy with it after three years
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    Typing on a split keyboard is same as riding a bicycle with detached front and back side ..
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    Creative 👍🏻
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