Got myself this beauty today.
Wonder what I'll use it for..

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    To Hack NASA?
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    Nah, you need a commodore 64 for that. You can only hack state and local govt with a piberry.
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    Slap a heatsink on
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    @010001111 shhht...
    I did that about two hours ago ;)
    I might just make it a boilerplate.
    Gets fucking hot
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    A motorized dildo combined with machine learning to optimize orgasm effectiveness
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    Some ideas:

    Nginx -> Docker(-compose):
    - Nextcloud
    - Jellyfin and/or Plex
    - Gitlab runner for arm builds

    - Minidlna
    - NFS
    - SMB
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    Probably just going to SSH into it a bunch of times and then let it rot on the shelf.
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    @neeno ML training sets need to have a looot of data. I hope your whole weekend is free
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    @j2k4 ooh we're on lockdown in my country and it's not gonna end any time soon. Imma train the shit out of this rubber schlong, but only if you watch me while I'm at it. I mean, for research purposes, obviously.
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    @LinusCDE or PiHole to get rid of those ads
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    @wersooth Right. Forgot that. I have that in a docker, too. That redirects to my local unbound server which encrypts all traffic using DoT.
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    has it been updated to the latest firmware?
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    @MaxRjM but of course.
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    @Ranchu braver junge ❤️
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    @010001111 na das war doch selbstverständlich.
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    Make a dumb TV into a smart TV
    Regro game console

    These are the ones I managed to do successfully and actually used or still use.

    Also I bought a cheap VPS (1gb ram, 1cpu, 20gb) hosting and then wired it via VPN to my always online Pi 4 to get 4gb ram, 4 cpus and 4TB storage. Then just have apache to route it to the Pi over VPN

    A colleague of mine is using one to make an automatic garden watering system controllable by app from anywhere

    Theres a lot of possibilities, you just need to identify the need first. No project can survive without a purpose and you'll just leave the Pi somewhere in a shelf
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    the 4 was such a big step! have fun
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    To build a NAS!
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    @SortOfTested I really want to mess with a C64... the thing is, I’m just a teen lol
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    You can plug it into your normal TV and make it Smart TV.
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    Play mario on it dude, it some legit fun.
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    @neeno i mean if shes NOISY you might be able to optimize it and train it for peek scream factor.

    sounds patentable. and algorithm that works in a conjunction with a device to maximize orgasm.
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