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    Not even ouch. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU EVEN DO THAT ?
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    I've fixed so many of those...
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    @Root imagine having the patience to do that. Must be nice
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    sell it as art for 100 times the value
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    Did you step on it? 😨
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    Its a hedgehog
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    @heyheni like that one banana taped on a wall?
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    @Ranchu yeah?
    Call it
    tetetetechnical debt
    This artwork explores the vanishing valuation over time. A Central Processing Unit demise once seen as the Pinnacle of human genius is now obsolete.
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    @heyheni after reading your explanation I'm definitely going to ask you each time when I've got to create some form of artwork in arts and crafts.
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    It shouldn't take too long to fix.

    How did your CPU get that way anyway?

    Whenever the hardware burst too hard I replace it with new one since I wanted to be safe.
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    @Haxk20 Looks like the user unlocked all screws except the left one. Then tried to pull it out by turning it clockwise and then giving another counter-clockwise spin.

    Probably then gave up.
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    Someone hated that ancient CPU enough that he drove over it - probably after installing Windows 3.11...
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    That looks painful!
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    @WildPotato did you hit it with a hammer or what?
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