More like 'relationship' rant.

The following is gonna be kinda crude and not work appropriate just fyi.

First, whats with this trend of 'shave your pussy", and small tits? Shit just a few years ago it was the opposite! Who wants to fuck a women who looks like an undeveloped boy. Give me a good medium pair of knockers and a (slightly) hairy pussy anyday and I'm in heaven.

On that note, all these guys whining and fucking whinging about "fat" women. Like I'm not chasing deathfat women or anything, but come on dudes. If you're gonna demand 'thin beautiful women' put in the fucking work! Just saying it now. Kinda pudgy, not a deal breaker for me. She have a pretty face, looks good in make up? Fuck it, I'll give her the time of day. Don't come at me with "hurrr...fat is unhealthy! Wheres your standards?"

Wheres YOUR fucking standards? Shit, I could take a 'heavy' girl and in a few months time have her trim. Its about the WORK you put in. All these fucking guys, all these fucking guys man, they all want something for nothing and chicks for free. No one wants to put in the fucking EFFORT anymore. I can't name on one hand the number of 'fat ugly chicks' everyone ignored from school (well except for me), who are now bombshells. If I stayed connected with people maybe I'd be with one of em right now, but I just get tired of this attitude that no one invests any time in others any more. It's all about 'me me me'.

Shes fat, maybe only a few extra pounds? Fat and 'not beautiful'? Fucking DO THE WORK and make her beautiful you bitch! Be her coach, like those fucking instagram couples you see sweating it out. Make her sexy. Become sexy, together.
Get her a fucking treadmill. Get her two. And jog together. Make her *feel* sexy.

More importantly get to *know* her. Why does she get out of bed in the morning? What drive her NOT to get out of bed? When does she feel lousy? What makes her feel that way? In addition to all the other shit men should know how to do, you should learn to play doctor phil, because every girl needs one. Women bond by talking, men bond by doing things together. Relationships should involve both.

Jesus fucking christ, this is basic bitch advice, and it annoys me I keep on coming across these spergs that don't fucking get it. Women are not cars you can stick your key in and just go 'vroom'.

They require maintenance, same as anything, any 'relationship' (because really, what are relationships in 2020, with instagram and fucking tinder and antisocial distancing?). You're a *team*, and i don't mean that in an inspirational way. You're a literal team. And far too many people prioritize the well being and success and concern of 'I' over' 'us'.

In short, if she ain't coming, you shouldn't be either. And if you expect her to on-the-regular put sharp objects on her fucking nether regions, don't expect any blowjobs unless you're doing the same thing for yourself!

Ideally you should be doing it to each other.
After all, you're partners. You trust her to put sharp objects near your groin, right?
Aren't relationships supposed to be about mutual trust?

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    This was.... Somethin else.
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    @Stuxnet Yuuuup, I'll get @C0D4, you can start the popcorn
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    Why... why did I get dragged into here for guys?

    All I know is @WiseCrack likes to slap some ass!
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    @C0D4 its a dying hobby.
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    "Women are not cars you can stick your key in and just go 'vroom'."

    Truly amazing
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    I only disagree with the flat chest part. They can be cute and a good girlfriend (wink wink nudge nudge) without big breasts and it is easier to find a flat chested fit girl than a large chested fit one.

    But that hardly matters in my current situation as I already have a double D girlfriend.
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    Just imagine a person who is in the state of mind to write all this
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    @F1973 See? If you ever need help finding someone, @p100sch already has double D (*winks*). I'm sure he'd be willing to share.
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    @Jilano What the hell?

    I was willing to offer my ass to @wisecrack
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    It can be a simple thing like preference? To each their own.
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    @linuxxx Yes, but when the preference pressures people into doing things they didn't want to do or, actually, are outright dangerous, then it becomes a harmful thing.
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    I really want to know what inspired this TED talk.
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    Alternatively, if you want her hairless and fit, be prepared to pay for her laser treatments and trainer. 😛

    I agree with stance of equality, but I also agree with investing in something you want. Some guys even call that gold digging. But like, pay for what you eat, kinda.

    There are so many girls who would be skinny and pretty if it wasn't for their day-to-day life pressures to make money or please others who give them money. (parents, I mean 😛)
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    @Jilano Only over my dead well formed ass.
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    I think I get what you mean and I even agree with some things. But what the fuck... This introduction is ridiculous.
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    Wait what? We get to have preferences? You mean women come in various shapes and forms? Sounds awesome! How do I get one? Do I have to compile her myself?
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    @Inxentas no, they're Ikea. You just get to assemble them.
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    @NoMad I bet I would get one with loose screws and couple missing
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    @NoMad that gives a whole new meaning to flat pack queens 😅
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    @Hazarth Arguing with a neighbor whos autistic and blames all his fucking problems on women. Also a few guys on the chans.
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    @DevKev I aim to entertain, and disgust people preferably at the same time.
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    @electrineer Oh man you would love being inside my head. The amount of rude shit I say or want to say to stupid people on a daily basis boggles the mind.
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    @Wisecrack I have no such neighbors luckily, but I see where you're comming from. I assume you're familiar with the incel community? They are all literally fucking retarded. And the worst thing is that I think its spreading cause for some godforsaken reason men are starting to become like 3rd wave feminists and are distancing themselves from the opposite gender because no one wants to have sex with them.

    I'm too kinda sick of the attitude some people put forth towards both men and women and Its only making things worse imo. -_-
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    @Hazarth Holy shit man, if that isn't the most perfect comparison I've seen so far. Incels are the inversion of third wave feminism.

    Hell, I know second wave feminists who hate third wave feminists.

    For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The infighting is glorious. Tards attacking each other left right and center over the boogiemen that live in their heads.
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    My two reasons for liking a shaved pussy:
    - No dick cuts by hair after half a hour off friction
    - no curly hair in my troath.... I like to make gag, not gag myself
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    Also... I was that doc phill guy... Till I was friend zoned so many times because "I don't want to loose you as a friend".... Like... Common, I endured hours of crying because that guy you fucked is fucking to your best friend, and not even a friendly fuck?
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    @GyroGearloose pro tip: "I don't want to lose you as a friend" is code for "I find you unfuckable, I'm just too nice to say it in your face".
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    Hahaha, in some cases... Ya :p
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