is normal to be asked to do ui/ux design if you are a full stack developer?

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    Maybe a senior / lead, who can guide the others and lend a hand where necessary, but not as an all rounded team single dev kind of role.
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    Manual testing is a red flag though. Probably full stack on the QA team.
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    They're dreaming
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    @SortOfTested Yea, it really feels like 1 Dev = full team scenario on a legacy project.
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    @heyheni totally, I can take that devops+full stack+dba job offers is something we've seen enough, but this one caught my atention for the "ux/ui design" part of it ­čśé. I hope this does not become the new trend
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    It's their nice way of saying:

    We need an slave who can do everything.

    Since he can't do everything, he's the one to blame.
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    They are saying that they'll ask you to do everything and will underpay
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    Yes that is normal.

    FullStackDev = entire IT department and your grandma's baking skills.
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    cross team communication and not just team communication probably means you're a one man team.
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    We need someone with 10 year experience to work on our legacy cordoned project
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    I search for slave
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