So I told my wife one week ago: "Yeah, you should totally learn to code as well!"

Yesterday a package arrived, containing a really beautiful hardcover book bound in leather, with a gold foil image of a snake debossed into the cover, with the text "In the face of ambiguity -- Refuse the temptation to guess" on it.

Well, OK, that's weird.

My wife snatches it and says: "I had that custom made by a book binder". I flip through it. It contains the Python 3.9 language reference, and the PEP 8 styleguide.

While I usually dislike paper dev books because they become outdated over time, I'm perplexed by this one, because of how much effort and craftsmanship went in to it. I'm even a little jealous.

So, this morning I was putting dishes into the dishwasher, and she says: "Please let me do that". I ask: "Am I doing anything wrong?"

Wife responds: "Well, it's not necessarily wrong, I mean, it works, doesn't it? But your methods aren't very pythonic. Your conventions aren't elegant at all". I don't think I've heard anyone say the word "pythonic" to me in over a decade.

And just now my wife was looking over my shoulder as I was debugging some lower level Rust code filled with network buffers and hex literals, and she says: "Pffffff unbelievable, I thought you were a senior developer. That code is really bad, there are way too many abbreviated things. Readability counts! I bet if you used Python, your code would actually work!"

I think I might have released something really evil upon the world.

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    And then everyone clapped...
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    Crying laughing. You're in for it now. She's probably also regurgitating things you've said in past haha. Turning the tables.
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    That's an amazing wife you've got there, cherish her! There really aren't many women that would do this :)
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    Read some of PEP 8, first because most principles can and should be applied to other languages, second because you will be able to reason for your code by her principles which is pretty much the only way to convince a Python developer.
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    Careful what you wish for.
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    An "I have a hammer" mindset goes on...
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    You've poked the fuzzy cuddly bear...

    Now live with its furry hugs.
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    Now this evil is your problem 🀣
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    lol what was that story about pandora opening a box and releasing a bunch of curses onto the world?

    Seriously though, if theres a shred of truth to this story

    1. your wife is a MASTERCLASS troll. Thats a keeper.

    2. I want pictures of the holybook she had made.
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    I am interested in obtaining a copy of said custom book.
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    Pics of the book or it didn’t happen
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    Don’t know about evil but they way you have written her dialogues make her seem sarcastically funny.
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    @wackOverflow Pics of the wife or he isn’t married.
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    That book sounds awesome, and your wife sounds awesome as Well!
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    Is your wife single?
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    This is proof I got to get a programmer gf.
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    @Ranchonyx His wasn’t a programmer GF. She made an effort.
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    Evamike is selling bolivian cocaine on devrant lol.
    It's his only post.

    I sweat its not me trolling. I just think its funny. (devrant really?).
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    Better lovestory than Twilight❀️
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    > Readability counts....


    I yet have to find the first Python programmer that writes readable code. *Especially* Python uses inappropriate abbreviations in names and whatnot, because it uses the worst of the worst for naming almost everything: snake_case.

    If you want unreadable code with tons of shorthands and abbreviations, sure, go ahead and use snake case. Nobody likes to type the underscore unless they're mad and use programming keyboard layouts.
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    @eeee She has a very outspoken opinion about that too, opposite from yours. πŸ˜„

    Today she learned about list comprehensions, and immediately said: "Any programming language that doesn't have this is stupid".

    She's going to fit right in if she joins any company as a junior.
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    @bittersweet lol, nice.
    I do miss comprehensions in Kotlin, the language I work most with. I liked them most in Haskell.

    OTOH, Python lacks anything coming close to a sane type system. So I'm good with Kotlin. There's functional-like extensions in the Kotlin standard library so I hardly ever need for loops or comprehensions anyway.
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    Looks like something from @bittersweet, though they are better author
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    Lmao it’s actually you
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    @kiki I'm indeed a worse author than me πŸ€”
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    @bittersweet I didn’t realize it was you when reading this in the feed
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    In Destiny 2 we would call this a God Roll.
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    Your wife is savage and I love it. Where can you get custom boom binding like that?
    Really I love her style. Wish we could be friends. Lol
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