I seriously don't get it guys, can you answer to this post with your job and the os you use?
I'm a games developer and I'm happy on Windows,I couldn't even imagine switching to Linux or Mac, but everybody's on either a Mac or Linux.
I have to know why.

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    Personal prefference. Why do some people like girls with dark hair and others not.

    Myself I prefer Windows or Linux. Somehow everytime I'm behind a Mac I mess things up with the touchpad. I open a dozen screens and stuff. And its annoying to not be able to ctrl+c / v
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    @aronmik I must have passed my curiosity along in the wrong way, I'm genuinely curious to see if there is a correlation between the work one does and the os they use.
    Didn't mean to sound like I was attacking anybody.
    Thanks for pointing it out in a fun way tho.
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    @thaon I did not think you attacked someone. I think for developers its personal prefference since we can make any OS work for us.

    In other fields I expect it to be more one sided. But I got no data to back that up. ;)
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    windows cuz
    when i see software documentation shortcuts for mac looks horrible
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    Mac. Full stack dev w/ mobile.
    Need it for Xcode/iOS.
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    @Zidail hackintosh sir
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    Haha yes, I know.
    The company is paying, plus I don't need to tinker around with anything else. :D
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    @Zidail indies are sad
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    Learning about computers was easier on linix then in Windows at least for me because as the configuration force you to understand a lot of things ( depend on what you are doung). I like the fact that you can boot it live from usb anywhere, many drivers are included, updates doesn't take much time. Softwares are free and installation is a question of writing the name of the software in the terminal. Linux is easy to use and pretty fast depending on the distro. I do have window on other computers for coding purposes but my main os is linux... It's not that i hate Windows, Windows is fine but it's rather just that after using Linux for some time it became a lot confortable to work on.
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    Student, kubuntu as main OS. The only reason I also used Windows the last 3 years was gaming, but now I'm too lazy to reinstall it and honestly I don't miss it.
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    Full stack ASP.NET, and I use Ubuntu (easy since MSSQL was released for Linux). I managed to stop our tech.lead moving us to windows 8 when it came out, and when he saw what a mess it was he never argued again
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    I hate Apple with a passion, and Macs nearly as much. I hate Linux, because there has not been much improvement in any areas since the first time I used a Linux distro back in '99. I use Windows for everything. Every now and then I install a Linux distro to see what's new, what's changed, or if Microsoft releases a really shit update that royally FUCKS my computer. I've made software and websites on Windows, OSX Yosemite and Linux. I prefer to use (for work and "play") Windows. My next choice is always a Mac. Then Linux.

    I love the Microsoft stack. I believe that there is basically no real competition, all things considered.

    I like Swift and Objective-C. I wish I could use them to make shit on Windows.

    I LOVE using the terminal/command prompt. But I hate using it on Linux, because I feel that the workflow could be more efficient. Just a bunch of my random thoughts, some of which need clarification that I am unwilling to provide.
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    Test automation engineer - Windows 7,Windows 10, Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS because of fucking cross Plattform tests.
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    Full stack web developer, Mac or any Linux based. My first 4 or 5 jobs required me to be on a Mac or Linux computer, so just got used to it.
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    Multimedia Artist.
    Mac User. Personal preference. (Also because of the touchpad gestures and multiple desktops[although windows has recently started providing the same])
    However I do use Windows for certain projects.
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    @uziiuzair haha the touchpad gestures always brother me. Put probably because I dont know them and random stuff happens.
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    Front-end web dev (mainly programming in JS and TS, Angular 1 and 2). Linux (Kubuntu) is my main OS (by choice). I also have installed Win 10 as a game launcher, sadly it often fails even in that simple task (last time it was Defender starting scanning during game session even though I disabled it several times before).
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    Job: Student/Android developer/I develop everything when I get paid enough

    OS: -PC: Manjaro KDE/Windows 7 (dual boot)
    -Laptop: Manjaro KDE/Windows 10

    I use Linux for most of the working stuff, but sometimes you need Windows too. Also Windows 10 on the laptop just for touch support.
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    Because development (at least backend web) sucks on Windows.

    Node.js Developer
    - KDE Neon at home,
    - macOS at the office.
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    @aronmik Its cmd c/v 'cos i'ts a command 😀But you can swap them over in settings easily enough.
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    @helloworld yeah, the main problem with the Mac is not being used to it and its someone elses machine.

    If I got a Mac I would probably adapt pretty fast. But like I said earlier we are developers we can prob make any system work for us.
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    @galkowskit Please tell me why. Not sarcastic, just curious, because when I installed Node.js and mom on Windows it worked fine, but on macOS (don't remember if it was the same with Linux), I had to wiggle a lot with permissions. Certainly not plug and play with Node.
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    Mac, web developer.

    Why? CLI similar to a *nix environment. Looks great, runs great. Smooooth.
    Git bash on Windows is commendable but not enough. PowerShell is probably pretty powerful, but never felt like figuring it out after learning most things on a *nix environment as a student.

    There are just some things about windows that make life hard. Like Case Insensitive file system. 😐 Viruses. Internet Explorer.

    Windows for gaming, Mac for coding. Wouldn't mind Linux though.
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    Full stack developer. Windows 10 on Office and personal laptop. Because things just work. Also games works as well.
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    Windows 7 cause heavy gamer and lazy to fiddle with driver support and alternative software, although I've been starting to use cross platform apps as much as I can so I can eventually transfer finally to Linux with less of a hassle... I'm too old for things that don't work out of the box and I need them ASAP
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    Senior in high school, amateur developer. I grew up with a Mac since I was 8, and have always loved their updates, with the exception of Sierra, and I don't believe they're going to get better anytime soon. I prefer it for many reasons:

    First, the trackpad gestures are great once you get used to them

    Keystrokes are easier because the Command button (used for most keystrokes) is right next to the space bar and there's one on each side so I can easily to a one-handed command without stretching my hand very far.

    The file browser is nicer, easier to access, and easier to understand than on Windows. I would love it if all my drives showed up on the desktop of Windows when I mounted a drive.

    The Retina display is beautiful. I have never seen a better looking display anywhere.

    I do have Windows installed with boot camp for the software that doesn't run on Windows, and I have an old PC with ubuntu. I'm pretty familiar with all three OSes, but Mac is my favorite, then Linux, then Windows.
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    Student, depends. But since I almost only develop/write code nowadays I use Mint or Ubuntu (ALMOST the same thing). Like many say it comes down to personal preference and what they are used to. Just because you are so comfortable with one platform can make it frustrating at first to try something new because it sometimes challange you to think in a new way... Which can be hard, yes.
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    @aronmik @aronmik cmd-c, cmd-v, same thing tbh.
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    Web developer, currently on Linux but I love Osx
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    Data analytic thingy
    servers are Linux for Hadoop cluster
    Laptop is windows 10 but actually any os would do the job because I use browser to open Zeppellin
    Allergic to Mac
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    Okay. Real talk.
    Linux sucks IF you dont know what the fuck you're doing. If you don't, you can get frustrated very easily because things don't work the way you would like them to. Install eg. debian on your laptop and you could very well end up with a non functional wifi adapter because the drivers are missing. Try to install the driver and you can end up hacking arround for 2-3 hrs because device manufacturers shit on linux most of the time and you have to compile, patch and fix yourself.
    On the other hand linux is stable as fuck, if you got it running and don't play around too much. But you may miss some software that runs on windows. Linux needs you to learn it like you learn how to cook. Learn how to use the tools you have and learn how to google and find what actually helps you.
    From there you can do about everything. Need windows software on linux? Setup a kvm virtual machine and have near native performance.
    There is no does work or doesn't work. How much time is the factor
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    UI Engineer, Windows
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    Game developer. Mostly Unity but also some Unreal.
    Windows is my main os. Mostly because all Game editors don't run on Linux and run only on Macs with a pricetag of more then 10k.
    That said I love windows and wouldn't switch if I could.
    P.s. I do run a virtual Osx for the ever dreaded iOS development..
    P.p.s. Visual Studio! No ide even comes close in my opinion.
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    @aronmik you can copy and paste
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    Stop there !

    you should use an OS that you're comfortable with and that is useful to you, doesn't matter how many of "other" people use it and brag about it

    - Web Developer, Game Developer ( Unity ), 3D modeler ( 3Ds Max ), Video Editor ( Adobe Package ), Gamer ( PC Master Race ), Currently on Windows 10, planning on switching to OSX cause i want to learn ios development
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    You can always use command +c/v/z @aronmik
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    @aronmik they are confusing at first. But once you figure out there basics and bring the Mac into your daily writings it gets very easy! 😂
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    Other than being forced to use an OS to develop for it, there is little arguments for a different OS other than personal preference (for software developers).

    I think devRant in general is a platform where non windows users shout about their OS. It's tiring seeing the same posts every day.
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    Software... Engineer? They haven't given me a proper title since Project Consultant but from scripts to mobile to games to full stack. The Jack of all but master of none problem.
    But Debian, OS X, Raspbian, Windows 10, OSMC, Nougat, KitKat, CentOS... etc. Very much depends what platform and what I'm wanting it to do ;)
    I think there's a Win7 in there too somewhere but that's just laziness on my part.
    I've run Unity and UDK etc. on Linux but admittedly wouldn't recommend it purely due to the effort to get it running when compared to just using a VM or even old/2nd computer for another OS. These days it really is just personal preference.
    I saw a great tutorial once bringing together Git, open source tools and cloud services which showed just how easy it is to get by without even owning a computer and just hopping onto any machine available (friend/cafe/other) cloning, editing, publishing and then cleaning up. With cloud IDEs it gets even easier.
    It's an exciting world we are part of!
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    @DarKneT try out Xamarin fkrms with xaml and mac agent. Could make your life easier. A lot.
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    @thmnmlst dito, win8 desktop, win10 / GNOME hybrid laptop
    Coding is everywhere
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