Hey, programmers what would be your answer to this guy??? 😂😂

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    asexual web developers wanted...
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    They use rant videos as test data.. simple!😊
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    Packing chocolates in a chocolate factory.
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    http://placehold.it until it's time to go live.
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    Motivation: the quicker u finish it, the earlyer u can wank
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    I guess it's like people who work in theme parks, arcades etc. After a while the fun wears off and you just do your job.
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    At the heart of it the sites are just YouTube. I'm pretty sure at dev level they probably have stock videos instead of using live data.
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    I heard about a guy (an acquaintance of an acquaintance) whose job was testing some XXX webcam streaming site. He had to watch random streams all day checking the picture quality and reporting problems which may seem fun but he quit after a short time because he was straight and there were too many male streamers on the site.
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    See this rant for an answer: https://www.devrant.io/rants/418375
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    It would probably get old after like a day. Depending on the personality type, they'd either become numb to it or they'd have to go to therapy for sex addiction. I'm thinking you want more of the former
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    Exploding boners confirmed
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    I worked at a tv company that would sometimes show adult titles. My first year there I had to research the history of the title "The Hills Have Thighs". That was fun.
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    Me: (this would be my answer as i sip my coffee)
    How do the guy's taking tha video of those naked women, do their job without losing focus????
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    @OptimusV7 it's routine for them. They start as a smaller role in production, like an assistant, then once the novelty of people fucking wears off, they can do camera work without a problem
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    @OptimusV7 they just film whatever they are focused on :D
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    You re ending up not even actually seeing it ... I ve done for more than a year.
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    @kangt you just killed the thread :D
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    Worked for a x-rated company as a contractor 6 months. Cant say much because of NDA but its mostly boring and usually disgusting as f*. So the times it is interesting you are already so disgusted that it doesn't do anything.
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    Use an addon that blocks all images and videos
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