This is how 1 Gbit/s internet looks like here in Russia. It’s amazingly stable and it costs $4/mo

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    $4 + how much for the insurance in case the house would catch fire?
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    still decades better than what Germany got going on
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    @JS96 the house is also worth 4$
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    @electrineer EIGHT WHOLE DOLLARS.

    Rich bitches living in hobo mansions with fancy internet.

    Back in my day we had to attach subs to carried pidgeons.

    Or use smoke signals.

    You know how long it takes to download a node module with smoke signals?
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    I'm going to guess it is $4... from some guy who is selling stolen service ;)
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    I’m reminded of picture of a telephone pole from India in the early 2000s and also this photo that you posted before
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    @N00bPancakes you’re wrong. It’s one of the three biggest service providers here. It comes with an app and stuff
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    Wait, how can it work while you can see its cables?!
    Everybody knows, that tech has to be hidden well to work well!
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    @JS96 how can an internet cable cause fire?

    @electrineer hahaha
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    In India, 1gbps speed costs about $54/month
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    I don’t buy it. Not the 1gbps part, the 4$ part.
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    So much to unwrap here
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    Honestly @kiki, this hurts my eyes. Also yeah, stable, but I guess you also have some degree of interference due to bad isolation (where its taped together). What is really a shame is that dreadful hole in the ceiling ruining the decals
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    @Eklavya Which provider ? I guess it is probably jio or Airtel but they don't have cables in a lot ofnaprts of India
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    @Oktokolo it's called open hardware 😂
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    Make it 40$ and you get 100M here in Switzerland...
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    Divided by borders, united by fucked-up cable management.
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    @Floydimus fair.
    Due to overheating maybe, but yeah, very unlucky, ofc if there isn’t also a power line somewhere in there.
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    Looks like the area underneath my desk
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    Just upgraded to 200Mbps in the Netherlands and that's costing me ~€65/month (but includes two HD TV receivers).
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    Ahh the shining light of communism. Here in America public companies compete for our dollar by offering the best services. It’s a little thing we call incentive
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    @dUcKtYpEd Russia hasn't been communist for 30 years
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