Yesterday's (scheduled and adhoc) meetings:
12:30-1:30 (adhoc)
6:00-6:20 (adhoc)

Today's (scheduled) meetings:

Tomorrow's meetings include a 1:1 with my boss who will invariably ask why I'm not done on this "should take a week" project that I've had for a week, despite that he just unblocked me on yesterday morning, and I've had nothing but meetings since...

Fucking hell.
They fill my day with shit spaced out just enough to waste practically my entire freaking day so I can't get anything done, conveniently forget this, and then have the audacity to yell at me for not finishing my tickets. Of course I didn't finish! You all were too busy blabbing at me every day for the past fucking week! (Oh, and do they listen if I have something to say? Of course they fucking don't.)

Also, as a secondary rant, the product douchebag files tickets (usually complex as hell tickets worded to appear trivial) with enough missing information to make missing large sections of them easy. If I ask him for clarification, he tells me to read the ticket, and if I insist, he gets all exasperated and quickly zooms through the site faster than I can follow, shows maybe half of what's in the ticket, and asks why I don't know how to do any of this yet. After I finish his shit ticket (and true to his douchebag nature) he blames me for missing several of those pieces he never outlined or showed, and insists that I obviously don't test anything. And because that's clearly not douchey enough, the fucking sack of shit also goes behind my back and trashtalks me to my coworkers, tells them he can't trust me to do a simple fucking thing, and that he's given up on me.

What the FUCK is wrong with these people?

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    Make sure to show the schedule and the boss will understand
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    Chances are, everyone gets that treating - so you might solidarize and synchronize your quit date with the dates of other coworkers. In best case, all his subordinates quit at the same day - which will probably really screw him hard as there is no way to cover something like that up...

    Some bosses can't be changed - but you can always change the company.
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    Todays meetings:

    8:00 - 9:00
    9:00 - 11:00
    11:00 - 12:00

    Whoot someone gave me
    a lunch break I'll use to catch up
    On yesterdays work and not actually take a break, or someone will call me to discuss something that could be an email, either way this won't be a break.

    13:00 - 15:00
    15:00 - 15:30
    15:30 - 16:00
    16:00 - 16:15
    16:30 - 17:00

    I share your pain.

    This shit is getting insane and it's 07:30 now and my manager is already asking why I failed to do the testing for one of the projects yesterday, I'm not opening that, I'm not answering that, and it can wait. I haven't even started my day yet.

    I've still got to finish fixing a production issue today in all this shit that should have been deployed yesterday.

    Working from home apparently removed the work / life boundary on the world and someone forgot that when you clock off at the end of the day, It's the end of the day!
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    @Floydimus, come play a game
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    @champion01 Ahaha. No.
    @Oktokolo Trust me, I’m looking elsewhere.
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    @Root I don’t understand why you won’t mention this (the schedule) to your boss?

    It’s unrealistic, dare I say impossible to be in meetings all day and also remain productive as a developer.
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    Don't leave your teammates behind. Chances are, they too don't deserve such an arsehole boss.
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    @Oktokolo on the contrary, he should leave his teammates behind. His teammates can leave just like he can.

    He does not need to cause pain to his own life just because everyone else is a masochist or to afraid or weak to leave a bad environment
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    I suggest synchronizing the leaving with the teammates to maximize the impact - not to stay at the company forever.
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    @C0D4 my meetings have reduced significantly these days.

    Not more than 10/week including silly mass meetings (webinars, trainings, etc.)
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    ffs @Root , isn't it time for you to have your own gig?
    Be a co-founder with a good solid partner that can complete you professionally from the other business aspects (business/sales/marketing/etc).

    Get on the AI train, pick up an industry/vertical that pokes your interest, open a service but nicer and take a piece of that massive cake.
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    @champion01 good advice but it won’t work with her boss. I read a lot of her rants and he’s the type who always has to be right, and acts like a total jackass when anyone points out anything wrong with him bc he’s an abusive domineering ego crushing emotionally draining piece of shit who pretends to be “inclusive and respectful”
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    So, I had a 1:1 with my boss, and brought up the asshole product douchebag being pissed off at me.

    My boss excused his behavior because “he doesn’t know how complicated this is, though even QA does” as if ignorance somehow excuses this.

    He also suggested actually apologizing to the douchebag. Not only for the digit separator tickets, but for the whole screwdriver taking so long, too. The screwdriver with its endless scope creep and change requests.

    How much of a fucking power trip is this douchebag on? First he writes up shitty tickets that miss out on important details, then he doesn’t demonstrate what he wants fixed, writes up the same issues in multiple tickets, doesn’t listen or care about how complicated the fixes are, and wants me to fucking apologize for missing three out of sixty fucking things?

    Guess what? His tickets only point out fifteen! FIFTEEN. OUT OF SIXTY. And because of his idiocy, I’d did four of them twice. Did he notice? No, of course not. But he sure as fuck noticed the few I missed, and none of the extras that he fucking missed.

    Sure, let me just go apologize to the douchebag for his own fucking shitshow.

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    My boss was also miffed/put-out/disappointed that I didn’t get all of the puffing billy specs done.

    The idiot even said it would take a week, and I was stuck on getting the damn thing to even work until we paired on it on Tuesday. Since then I’ve had almost back-to-back meetings (staggered so it’s actually worse), plus the usual breakdowns because these people are toxic as fuck, so no, I haven’t even had time to start on it. They hardly give me any time to work, and then they give me shit for not getting everything done. asdjfloweuthjakfks.

    Of course I didn’t fucking finish it. And you know what? Fuck you, fuck product douchebag, fuck your endless meetings, and fuck the entire fucking company. I hope a meteor hits San Jose and wipes out as much of the company as it can. And I hope the rest of you die in one of those BLM anti-white “peaceful protests” the lot of you love so fucking much.


    I think @bioDan might be onto something. Maybe I should just strike out on my own and build something decent. Practically everything out there sucks, so building a better whatever shouldn’t be difficult.

    Then again, with the global economy coming crashing down, and US politics actively killing small businesses, maybe that’s a terrible idea. :/

    But at the very least I can try finding a less toxic company to work for.
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    Fuck this product douchebag can literally run your head into the wall and mr boss says “dur his feelz r hurt” bc you didn’t finish their dumb tasks. And ditto on that meteor strike, lol. Kaboom
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    @Root you know im right, take the risk. Its worth it and you got what it takes.

    The most important and hardest thing is to find the right co-founder for the job. Someone who's professional, dependable, charismatic, you jive on the same frequency and are equally passionate about the end-goal and the idea. Yes, its hard. But maybe you can do it while still working on the screwdriver.

    I bet you will be able to build a prototype of whatever it will be and then get proper investment to hire the rest of the company
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    I feel the pain on the schedule so good… lately, my schedule looks like that every single day.

    And if I - by a lucky rip in the time continuum - have some time to get shit done, my brain and body just say “Nope, relax dude. You need breaks as well.“
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    I am really sorry for you. The existance of these kind of people and workplaces actually makes me sad. I hope you will find somewhere where your coworkers have some common sense and a little bit brain.
    This also makes me wonder how do you guys have that much meetings? What do you talk about?
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    @hack yeah I never got that either; especially in her situation. I don’t know why it takes hours of meetings daily to discuss software projects
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    @Oktokolo that’s a good approach
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    @TeachMeCode aww that’s to bad then. In that case just leave
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    @root that sucks so bad I’m sorry. You have to leave your to valuable to stay snd don’t deserve this
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    @root your profile is hilarious hahah.

    Why the dotnet hate <3
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    @TeachMeCode for me, the company is reinventing its self and doing something I've tried to do for years and move on to a more modern stack.

    So literally everything is being touched, removed or rebuilt to cater the new world. So there's more meetings and almost as many streams of work running in parallel, then hours in a week for me, plus I'm supposed to to my day job 🤷‍♂️

    @Root 😔 3rd time lucky you find a good place to work!
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    @champion01 Absolutely no legitimate reason. I just don’t like how it looks 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    Root, quit.

    The injustice of a talented, unique (albeit somewhat cynical) person being mistreated like this is painful for me to watch.
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