Let's list some holy wars!

• OS
• Browser
• Gif vs "J"if

What I'm I missing?

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    Life vs death
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    Death, definitely
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    As in "G.I.F.?"
  • 42
    Tabs vs Spaces
  • 13
    IDE vs Text Editors
  • 6
    @Torbuntu vs an actual OS
  • 8
    Java vs Kotlin? Looking into the future
  • 30
    function() {
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    Angular vs React
  • 15
    camelCase vs snake_case
    Python vs Ruby
    C# vs Java
    Toilet paper roll direction
    Dark vs milk chocolate
    Queen vs Prince
    iOS vs Android, well I guess that falls into the OS category
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    VHS vs Betamax
  • 3
    - macOS
    - Mostly Chrome, Safari, but sometimez Vivaldi, FireforxDeveloperEdition & Firfox
    - Atom
    - "Jif"
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    Scrolling with the mouse wheel vs pressing it and pulling the mouse down.
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    Pepsi vs cola
    Facebook vs Snapchat
    Meme vs Rant
    Day vs night
    🤷🏻‍♂️ vs 🤷‍♀️

    *drinks coffee *
  • 20
    coffee vs covfefe
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    Quiet music vs loud ass window breaking tunes
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    I think the fact that you spelled Gif correctly speaks for itself
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    @makinet You did forget PascalCase. The only case I didnt accept.
  • 3
    Nintendo vs sega
  • 3
    Us keyboard enter (single row button) vs eu keyboard enter (2 rows, L shape)
  • 3
    Marvel vs DC
  • 7
    • Dark theme vs light theme
    • Cola vs Afri vs Pepsi
    • Light vs with sugar
    • Take food on work place vs food in kitchen only
    • Put config in .ini vs put config in database vs put config in code
    • Check out repository on local drive vs check out repository on shared preconfigured inhouse server
    • Being on Facebook vs no Facebook user
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    Xbox vs Playstation vs PC
  • 0
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    @gilgameshcoder Depends on the convention/standards of the language in question.
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    Tabs vs spaces
  • 7
    Intel vs AMD
    Nvidia vs ATI
    PIC vs ATMEL
    Gnome vs KDE
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    I'm surprised at how nice this thread is. I was kind of expecting one of these comments to actually ignite a war about one of the mentioned wars. Good stuff. 👍
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    Turbo vs Supercharger
  • 4
    bash vs zsh
  • 10
    Sublime vs VS Code vs Atom vs Brackets
    Stackoverflow vs Quora
    Desktop vs Laptops
    Node.js vs Django vs RoR
    PHP vs ASP.Net
    Linux server vs Windows Server
    MS Sql vs MySql
    RDBMS vs NoSql
    AWS vs Azure vs GCP vs Heroku vs digital ocean
    Shared hosting vs cloud
    Containers vs virtual machines vs conainer clusters
    Object oriented programming vs functional programming
    Hadoop vs Spark
    Jshint vs Eslint
    Python 2 vs Python 3
    AngularJS vs Angular
    TypeScript vs ES5 vs ES2015 vs coffeescript
    Less vs Sass vs Stylus
    EJS vs Handlebars vs Pug/Jade
    Dark theme vs Light theme
    Gulp vs Grunt
    Bower vs Browserify vs Webpack
    Django vs Flask vs webapp2
    AMD vs Global
    I can go on all day 😂
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    @creator for "OOP vs. functional"
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    @thedevdevil lmfao 😂
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    Coffee vs more coffee.
  • 1
    FLOSS vs Proprietary
  • 4
    HD DVD vs blu ray

    Qwerty vs Dvorak
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    Gif Vs "Jif" is not a war anymore.

    The creator of the word said it's "Jif" :P
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    @santartine what's covfefe ?
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    Grunt vs gulp
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    PHP vs NodeJS *waits for the hate*
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    @Rorschach90 A typo Trump made on Twitter and it went viral in like 5 minutes. Like TV news were talking about it, people were making memes about it, etc.
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    The Dragon Reborn vs Shiatan
  • 1
    Crusades 1 through 4
  • 1
    Trump vs World
  • 3
    SQL vs 'sequel'
  • 3
    Spam vs actual rants
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    @Greggergalactic haha 😂

    I've another:

    Theresa May vs Encryption (UK currently but will impact the world eventually)
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    @Tobio creators can be wrong. Gif is not Jiff. Same with LaTeX... It's not Latech. And Sean Bean is just called Seen Been.

    light vs dark theme
    unit vs functional tests
    querying specifics vs caching generics
    feature productivity vs code quality
    comments vs "sentence methods"
    readability vs performance
    framework magic vs language correctness

    And of course Trump vs sanity.
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    None of these (Jetbrains)
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    @module I said that 😉
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    @Tobio lol. It's still a war
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    @bittersweet I'm sorry but that is totally untrue.

    The creator of a word can't be wrong. Also because the word he invented doesn't have to follow English rules.

    For example, in Italian is perfectly "Jif".

    And he said it.

    So it's over. It's "Jif"
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    @corscheid ahah I answered. This war has to be stopped.
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    @Tobio I pronounce gif with a Dutch G so I'm wrong anyway.

    But I dislike the trend where creators of products feel like they can also create new pronunciations. "Yeah the name of our product is Fart, but you pronounce it as Forte, like French for strong".

    If you misspell your brandname, or make it ambiguous, I'm going to mispronounce it. On purpose.
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    @bittersweet the fault in your reasoning is that you actually don't know where the word comes from. So you can't know how it will be pronounced.

    But, hey, it's only a "Jif" 😆
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    @Tobio I do know the origin of the word. It's Jaffics Interchange Format, JIF.
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    VS Code
    Gif and Git
    IDE for .Net and VSCode for .net core
    public static func() {
    Python (not Ruby)
    C# definetly (not Java)
    Left rolled toilet paper
    Dark chocolate
    EU keyboard enter
    Light theme visual studio and blak
    theme vscode
    No sugar in tea
    Take food on work place
    SO not Quora (for god sake)
    MS Db
    I used to say SQL but foumd why it is sequel...in wikipedia
    Unit vs Func test - no test yet
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    It's pronounced "gife".
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