Brace yourself, organs are going on the black market for the iPhone X.

I haven’t seen the keynote yet, but $2,000 for a phone, seriously this fucker better be making me coffee in the morning, if I have to sell my fucking kidneys and right leg to buy this one.

Ooh it offers a Face ID, cool so now I can stick a photo up at the camera and unlock my phone - security!!

It’s got a wireless charger***, sort of, still needs a useless ugly fucking charging pad .

And they’re even nice enough to put those shitty ear pods in the box.

Fuck you apple, I think it’s time I jumped off this over priced band wagon.

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    Yeah and since it was a so much good deal, I guess I'll spend 300$ for the fuckin Apple Care too
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    They seriously include the crappy earpods? That's curious
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    What’s another $300 for apple care when your already at $1800.

    in the box for both 8 and X phones you get EarPods

    Included Headphones

    EarPods with Lightning Connector
    Lightning to 3.5-mm Headphone Jack Adapter
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    I actually like wireless charging. And since you need a pad, my phone always has a default location if I look for it.
    Besides that, my 300€ Nexus 4 from 2013 also charges wirelessly.
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    It’s something I was hoping apple would actually do properly, given the years the tech has already been available. But nope just half assed apple courage again.
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    What THE fuck it seems to actually be true?!
    Who THE fuck wants to pay that amount just to prove that they are retarded
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    *****as in, right now, in this instant.
    Too bad, time's up, no deal :)


    Wow, fucking hell, I really* never expected this to happen.
    How pricy can they get?
    At this point I'm just curious.

    I'm waiting for the day an “iPhone® 42™” will be released, at the modest, low-low price of $9,999.99.

    iEarPods™ not included.
    iBatteries™ not included.
    2 years warranty cost: $500.
    iCharger™ not included.
    iManual™ not included.
    iScreen™ not included.

    Comes in THREE new** iColors™!
    - Almost white™
    - Almost black™
    - Kinda grey-ish metal™

    With an AWESOME, NEW**:

    TRY IT NOW!!!****** And you will get – COMPLETELY FOR FREE!!! – an ASTONISHING $20 iCard™ for the App Store™! Details below****.


    *not really.
    **not really that new at all.
    ***that breaks after a 0 meter high fall. Innovative, ain't it?
    ****jk, the details are above*****.
    ******and give me your soul while we're at it.
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    It is a new generation of stupid....
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    2 years, that must be nice. Australia is 12 months.
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    Why are y'all this angry about a product? It's not even the base model, chill your fuciing nipples!

    Some devRant user: it only has 3gb of ram

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    I can buy a laptop with that money.
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    @cassandrale179 you can buy a specked out Macbook pro with that money
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    Rams not an issue, apple have always managed to have a low resource OS that keeps up with high end apps.

    Sorry I’ll just go save $400 and go buy an iPhone 8 instead . Shit 400 bucks gets you a lot these days. 0.3 inches.... oh and removal of the Touch ID which I can now use one of the cameras with my face. Winning.

    Now don’t get me wrong I have been an iPhone user for a many years. This is just a money grabbing arse rape from apple with nothing actually new to offer.

    Apple has not been the same, since Jobs passed. There was once a time they actually took the world forward, now they are playing catch up and charging the world for it.
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    @hacker to be fair, it's not their only selling point, the other is the Apple logo on the back.
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    @Artemix Really? Huh, I didn't know that.
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    @inukinator ah, yes indeed.
    But seriously, I could buy a decent laptop, camera, AND phone for the same amount (more or less) than this thing with the Apple logo on it...
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    You can buy that cool new linux phone people have been buzzing about that you can install any linux OS on, and you can hook up to a monitor and keyboard and mouse.
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    That price doesn't seem right. Doesn't it start at $999?
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    @plyman Australia man, but thanks for sharing it, now it doesn't seem as unbearable
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    Just twice the price 😂
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    USA is 999
    AU is 1829. I might import the size model looking at that 😖
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    @C0D4 that's how it is living on a huge island far away from everything

    > a guy living on the largest island
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    Surely you mean iWhite, iDark and iSilver 😀
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    @nbamaral Apple White, Apple Dark and Apple Silver/
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    Australian prices are always including GST (VAT).

    So USD $999 ~ AUD $1245

    GST of 10% gives AUD $1369.5

    So yes, it does cost less in USA, but not as much as many might think.
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    @JustKidding for my LG G5 Todo it I just replaced the NFC sticker with a NFC+wireless charging sticker. Cost me $25 and like $300 for the LG G5 (this was two years ago)
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    Let's not forget expensive != bad. I'd get it if it were about $1000 less, but let's no forget what accomplishments apple shows with the X.
    - they have their *own* kernel
    - ^written in objective-c none the less^
    - they made secure encryption system, hard for NSA even to crack
    - they set the standard for all other phones (does s8 have a headphone jack???)
    - they make all their own processors
    - they managed the social side of it so well they get people to buy $2000 phones
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    @calmyourtities AND it's 1200 usd, not 2k
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    @inukinator umm… they could make it $5000, they just want something for the apple fanboy/rich guy, while still having something to appeal for average consumer
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    @calmyourtities and they moght even some day 🤷‍♂️
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    @inukinator I wouldn't consider a dev to be average
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    @calmyourtities Fun fact samsung made the A10 processor last I checked not apple. And hard to crack secure encryption was in my laptop that was made in 2010 had a TPM chip (secure encryption key storage). And the face login is the same tech Windows Hello uses. Apple hasn't brought anything new to the table in a very very very long time other than a bunch of proprietary bullshit charging cords and putting only a single USB C port on the MacBook (which everyone hated)
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    @gitlab whats your point?
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    @calmyourtities My point is that their charging way too much for no good reason. If there was something truly innovating about it I would say worth the $1K but it's not, this is basically $300 or so dollars worth of materials charged as if it were all solid gold.
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    @Cyanite ubuntu phone?
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    No, it had a weird name.
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    @Cyanite Hope somebody knows, sounds interesting
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    I’ve come across laptops that could do that.

    Mirabook for example. Where you plug your phone in and the laptop runs off the phone.

    But having it work like a proper dock would be awesome.
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    If only Pixel phones are available in Lebanon, they get direct update from Google and that's enough for me.
    Right now I'm using an Xperia X5 Compact and couldn't be more happy.
    But let's admit it, for average users iPhones are much better all my non tech friends have iPhones and they never faced an issue with it, good battery life and easy to use.
    As for Android the only two versions I used with no issues are v4.4 and v7.x unless they are vanilla Android.
    My dad is using an Android 4.4 and no fucking issue for the past three years, a friend with same phone on v5 and was full of issues.
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    You want an AR optimizated phone? Take the Asus Zenfone AR...
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    Yea, Australian dollars with taxes.
    Although the point stands, I’m still being assed raped here 😂
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    Did you go for one of the higher teers that actually get you the phone..?
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    Yeah, I don't have money, else I would back it. Do me a favor and keep me in mind when you do, eh..? ^~^
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    I'm literlaly just staring at my screen with an open mouth and mixed emotions. Mixed emotions as in 'are there really people who are fucking retarded enough to buy this shit?!?" and "natural selection, please help out a little here".

    I hope they'll pull one of those pranks again where they say something might help with your new iPhone if you just do something with it (like the microwave 'wireless' charging with the 5 or something and the 'drill a hole in the bottom of your iphone seven to get the fucking jackplug back') because that would be very fun to see.
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    @linuxxx sadly on day one (even before) there will be already long queue of people to buy this
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    @dontbeevil Yup. That kind of shit makes me lose faith in humanity :/
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    @linuxxx hopefully when Musk will bring us to Mars will base his selection also on this :D
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    I read somewhere that they wanted the whole screen to be a finger print sensor... Turned out they couldn't do it (yet) so they had to "invent" a new unlocking technology to replace the home button. Welcome to Face ID.

    I laughed and double-tapped my LG phone on the screen to unlock it and laugh even harder... LG Knock On ftw!
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