Just applied for a position at pornhub. Wish me luck !

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    A top or bottom position? 😏
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    Actor or developer?
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    will we get a livestream your job interview you sitting on the casting couch? "Innocent developer gets destroyed by interviewer"
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    @alexbrooklyn DevOps. One has to multitask nowadays ;)
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    @sleek What is the position? I mean the actual dev role (i.e. joking aside).
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    Missionary or cow girl
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    Good luck! I hope you get the position so I know who to blame if I ever try to visit pornhub and it's down. Also, please, if you get the job please tell us any funny stuff that happen only when you work for a porn site.
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    Aren't you ashamed to work for pornhub, though? I've heard they use php there😡
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    LMAO i actually have to try this once just for the laughs of it
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    Project manager: "So, we would like you to build a classifier which recognizes scenes where there are males. You need to gather the data and... label it. glhf"
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    @platypus backend developer. I am loving the comments by the way πŸ˜‚
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    Back end is good, as much I watch porn a few times a week depending on the week, I know the science is 100% clear on what it does to the brain via the unleashed neuro-biological processes. So I hope pornhub are like "ok max X amount of hours per day exposure" as their Health & Safety policy.
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    @SukMikeHok i did it for the laughs too, but now im actually hoping they write back πŸ˜‚
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    @jsframework9000 how dare you ! I am a proud php developer and would prefer nothing over php 😀
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    after few days into the job:

    the new guy sucks man.
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    Just think of the possibilities. "hairyDicks" and "hugeTits" would be completely valid, non trollish variable names.
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    Send nudes
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    They have 100% ownership and participation with a customer service issue and stick with you until it's resolved. None of the former is meant to be double entendre. That alone says a great deal about their dedication, esp. as I'm a non-paying member [<doesn't sound exactly right, does it?].
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    When do we see you in the gallery?
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    Let us know if your dream cums true
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    πŸ“Œ waiting for news
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    Good Luck, @sleek!

    Some PR stunts, activities and general employee service / standards really are top notch.
    Must be a great place to work.

    Let us know how the stack works along. Or,.. we'll see how dense your rants are.
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    You had my ++ until I realized its count.
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    @trickory you have my respect good sir
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    So, have you received a reply? :)
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    Good luck in the rest of your career. You might need to stay in the porn business. Hope it works out for you,.I wish you the best!
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    0/5 stars. Do not recommend.


    – By some estimates, 4.5 million people are trapped or forced into sexual exploitation globally. (International Labor Organization)
    – In one survey, 63% of underage sex trafficking victims said they had been advertised or sold online. (Thorn)
    – According to anti-trafficking nonprofit, Rescue:Freedom, in 9 countries, 49% of sexually exploited women said that pornography was made of them while they were being sold for sex.
    - Here’s a real-life example. In the Netherlands, investigators were able to calculate the profit generated by two sex traffickers from a number of victims. One trafficker earned $18,148 per month from four victims (for a total of $127,036) while the second trafficker earned $295,786 in the 14 months that three women were sexually exploited according to the OSCE.

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    So far none of the 15 comments above me have wished you luck. So I'll be the first.

    Good luck.
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    Backend position
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    Awesome, best of luck! I knew a dev who worked at another company that does porn streaming. They operated under another name though probably to protect their employees and give them the benefit of "it was a video streaming company" when looking for their next job haha

    Now that I think of it how awkward would it be for an interviewer to ask, say when you move in a couple of years "so tell me about your time at PornHub. what did you do there?" This is ASKING for bad puns.....
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    I don't see why it is awkward.

    Work is work.
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