This is how I imagine the apocalypse is going to look like...

(All these website are down/experiencing issues because fastly is down)

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    Indians in dispair: Quora is offline! 😱
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    @heyheni I laughed harder than I should 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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    I guess all the others are dependent on AWS
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    This is not how the internet was designed motherfuckers
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    So our pipelines failed. Turns out npm uses fastly too.
    Not all packages perhaps. Some of them though.
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    Golden age of monopols. How little is enough to bring down half of the internet.
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    Can't wait to see pornhubs numbers. 😂
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    Someone off the WWW ?
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    Wouldn't it look more like this?

    At least, until the power goes out.
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    @Demolishun if you're really desperate you can print out the "can't be found" and tape it to your screen, so you can look at it by candlelight while eating rats in the ruins of 2023.

    You could even make flip books of pornhub videos to remember the before-before times if anyone's that desperate.
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    What a bad day for copy-paste wannabe devs - I'd almost pity them if I didn't despise them in the first place.

    I didn't even notice anything until I read the news in the evening,
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    Imagine having your business running in such a way that you rely so heavily on a single other entity :^)

    After the Great CloudFail of 2019(?), I hoped people would start using their brains and realize that relying on a single other party for basically your entire core business is dumb...

    Today I started to realize you can't use something you don't have.
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    Yeah put all your eggs in one cloud.
    Why not.
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    SPOF because it's trendy to depend on stuff that can go down. Because it will never happen right? Right?
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