Apparently a twitter engineer got fired today via email and this is the email he received

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    That’s hilarious
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    "This is REAL."

    Ok… if you say so
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    yeah. this is a real photo of a printout of a document that may or may not be real.


    who cares about twitter?
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    @tosensei yeah Twitter sucks devrant is where it’s at
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    the guy is such a maniac i can believe this
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    it'd make the perfect the onion headline tbh
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    From Hannah? I would expect the mail to come from Elon himself.
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    Real or not, that’s funny.
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    Gotta love that Musk
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    But, above all, "Best, Hannah"

    Just because of that, I could actually believe it to be true ,😂
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    @tosensei it's nice to see that mess burn, I hope it dies off completely and is replaced with something good (wishful thinking, I know)
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    The image is a frame from this twitter video https://twitter.com/MattXShaver/...
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    The guy is a bad joke. It’s fake.
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    It’s not real, too sophisticated a joke for this strange man. Quite something to watch two of the richest men in the world absolutely trash two tech giants. At least there’s something oddly cute about Zuck’s insistence that we all want to play Second Life but with worse graphics, Musk’s meltdown is a depressing reminder that nobody should ever be “worth” this much, and many still are.
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    I was thinking about applying at some point but got turned off by this man’s position on WFH and the insane deadlines he’s planning to make devs go through without knowing the code base. I’m just happy I don’t work there, the mail is hilarious if real tho, honestly the best move if you work there is to be fired and get benefits (should’ve started looking for a different job sooner tho).
    There’s rumors the Mexico branch will be totally scrapped too.
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    I'm just happy that Twitter is burning down together with meta. Something else will replace it I guess, but still.
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    Neither of the emails are gmail, yet the printout suggests the email was read in gmail. How?
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    So this is what the word "fake news" actually is meant to be applied to. The original video made by a commedian (https://twitter.com/MattXShaver), that the image has been taken from is fine as presented in his original tweet because him stating to be a commedian on his feed is enough context to make it satire.

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    @netikras MX lookup on twitter.com shows they use Google Workspace for email. It's like Office365 but Google. It's the business version of Googles Gmail.
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    Real fake print out email.
    What else to expect?

    One does not invite fired ones into their email account after telling them being promoted to customer.
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    @ars1 I'm pretty sure it won't be Twitter's downfall. Too many people rely on Twitter and not much has changed (policy-wise) on the platform. It has been a cess poll, it can only improve.
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    I, for one, am glad about the changes that are happening there
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    Why is it printed out?
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    @emily too lazy to read other comments?
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    @electrineer I couldn't find a reason for it in the other comments.
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    Never going to believe anything that someone labels as “This is real” so deliberately. Nothing can be believed anymore in an era where everything can be doctored and edited. I would need to review the email headers and even then I don’t know if I could believe it.
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